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YouTube Marketing Tips from The Product Marketing Company by Tim Gale

YouTube is a web-service that allows anybody to upload, download, share or comment on videos. YouTube was founded in 2005 by three former employees of PayPal, an internet payment service. Regardless of what information you need, you will find it on YouTube: tutorials, jokes, parodies, comedies, music, video-blogs, presentations, breaking news, marketing and much more. What we are interested in for the purposes of this article though, is YouTube marketing. If you have your own business, YouTube can quickly become a fantastic cost-effective marketing instrument. Some key facts you should know about the power of YouTube Marketing: YouTube elicits over 3 billion plays a day. In October 2011 there were a record breaking 20 billion video views. 48 hours of video is uploaded every minute of the day. Over 5% of all time spent on the internet is spent on YouTube. YouTube’s demographic range is 18 to 54. Top Tips for YouTube Marketing: Keep the videos short and simple â€" ideally under 5 minutes. Keep your video relevant to the topic. Brand your YouTube Channel and video. Link your video to your website and vice versa. Use humour in your videos, utilise the ‘feel good factor’. Promote your videos through other social media channels. Tag your videos with keywords. Add broad keywords that relate to categories. New Analytics from YouTube. Write a full description for the video using keywords. Use the new YouTube analytics to understand which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions. Create an engaging YouTube profile to encourage people to add you as a friend, and propagate your videos. YouTube is great for link building and SEO as more and more people link to your videos. Benefits: Better Search Engine Optimisation to your main site. Demonstration of your company/self as an expert in niche areas. Building permission to market through engagement. Adding value to your other channels of marketing. Getting started: Create your own YouTube Account at, choosing a user name which will be relevant or memorable. Add your company logo or avatar for good branding. Give your YouTube channel a title which can explain the nature of your videos â€" this will help with searches and enhance your marketing outreach. Google owns YouTube so add channel tags as this is great for SEO and will help many people find you. Opt to show the comments and subscriber modules. Enter your company URL into your channel profile. Use the profile description to explain to people what your YouTube Channel is about. When uploading a video, use a title that is relevant. Write a decent description of what the video is about and include URL links â€" again, great for SEO. Make sure you set your privacy settings to Public. Keep your bulletin updated regularly with relevant posts. Link your channel to your website and facebook page. Like and share relevant videos that will draw others to your channel. And a few final thoughts before we go: The sooner you started, the sooner your YouTube marketing will build traffic. The more people that have seen your videos the more people will want to see them. The ball has to start rolling before you see exponential growth. Have as many videos up on your channel as possible. If a viewer likes one of your videos they will often like another and so the viewers grow. If you follow these guidelines, after a 6 to 10 month set-up period, you will start to see a substantial number of views. Ultimately, of course, you need to come up with an hilarious ‘must-see’ video which immediately goes viral â€" conjure up one of these and you are quite literally laughing all the way to the bank! For more information and services on YouTube marketing please visit or talk to Tim Gale at The Product Marketing Company on 0845 643 4463. You can also email Tim on

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The Miraculous Imbalance by Joe Vitale

How do you attract more of what you want? What do you do when it feels like nothing is working out for you? Recently I interviewed Patricia Ryan Madson*, author of the book, Improv Wisdom. You might recall that I wrote about Patricia’s book on this blog on May 1st, exploring the question, “Without you, what would not get done?” In my interview, Patricia said something that jarred me into a new reality. She said, “In every moment, we are always receiving far more than we ever give.” I had to reflect on her statement to truly get it: In every moment, we are always receiving far more than we ever give. Patricia went on to explain that right now you are receiving air, blood flow, support from a chair, technology from your computer or other device, light from the sun or your room lights, these words from me, and more. But we take all of that for granted. All we stop and say thank you for is when someone gives you something or does something specifically for you. But what about everything else? The amount you are receiving right now is almost overwhelming. Are you aware of it? Are you grateful for it? I had dinner one night with Paul Zane Pilzer*, author of The Next Millionaires. He explained over 300 people were involved in preparing our meal. He was referring to the farmers and pickers and distributors and carriers and restaurant owner and cooks and servers and more. Imagine that. Over 300 people were working to deliver a meal! I’ve been traveling a great deal again, for TV shows, movies, events, speaking gigs, music production and more. When I stop and think about all the “unseen helpers” who make sure me and my luggage get there on time, or all the “behind the scenes” people who do their jobs sight unseen so my face gets projected over the air to millions of televisions in homes nationwide, it is incredible. New album "The Healing Song" In order to complete my fourth music album, more people were involved than just my band. I traveled to L.A. and Nashville so Grammy winners could mix and master the music. This is a lot to be grateful for, and can even feel overwhelming when you become aware of it all. “Wake Up to the Gifts” is the ninth maxim in Patricia’s wonderful and wise little book, Improv Wisdom. She asks us to look for the “unseen” gifts, like the screen and processor allowing you to read these words, or the planet giving you all you need to live and breathe right now. She also asks us to understand the interdependence of all things. I can’t write these words without you. You can’t read these words without me writing them. But it goes further than that. We need the folks who made the computers you and I are using, the Internet providers, the electric company, the people making or delivering our food, handling our flights and our mail, and more. We also need the elements of life itself, that provide both you and me with all we need to stay alive. You don’t achieve or attract anything by yourself. Are you aware of that? Are you grateful for that? In Improv Wisdom, Patricia suggests you make “Thank you” your mantra. Of course, in the book I coauthored with Dr. Hew Len, Zero Limits, we suggest you make the four phrases of ho’oponopono your mantra: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Either way, these methods are tools to help you see what you are receiving is a miracle. It also is your opportunity to give back. Since you are receiving so much, what can you do to give more? You’ll never be able to give in a way that balances all you receive. That’s the miraculous imbalance of life: it’s stacked in your favor. Think about this. You are receiving so much right now â€" most of which you were unaware of and took for granted â€" that you can never give enough to tip the scales. You can never give more than you receive. You are simply receiving way too much. Think about it this way… Every time you turn on your TV and flip through the hundreds of channels, remember that those shows were written, produced, directed and performed just for YOU. Every time you go to the theatre and see a movie or a play, remember that it was made just for YOU. Every time you turn on the radio and hear your favorite music, commentators, DJs, guest speakers, etc., for your listening enjoyment, again it was all created just for YOU. When you think about the world honing its craft for YOUR daily entertainment, that’s powerful. Can you appreciate how much there is to be grateful for? It might make you think twice before complaining about having to pay $10 for a movie ticket nowadays. After all, the movie you are about to see probably had a budget of millions of dollars. Your investment is very small compared to what it costs to create a multimillion dollar motion picture…JUST FOR YOU! The “miraculous imbalance” is also a gift to you. But you probably never thought about it before today. And here’s where you can begin to attract more of what you want. Back to our opening questions… How do you attract more of what you want? What do you do when it feels like nothing is working out for you? It begins by noticing everything you have already attracted. The thing is, most people focus on what they got that they don’t want, or on want they want that they haven’t attracted yet. That’s hardly a practical approach to success. And if you know anything about the Law of Attraction, you know that’s the wrong place to put your attention. When you notice and acknowledge what you are being given right now, you morph your energy and your mood into something far more magnetic, compelling and loving. Noticing the good you are already receiving tunes your being into a “good magnet.” You can start attracting even more good because you’ve awakened to the good you have and are continuing to receive. This opens your eyes to the magnitude of life; the magic and miracles all around you. So the next time you hear anyone say, “I’m not attracting what I want,” realize they are declaring their blindness and deafness to all they have been given and are still receiving. Your job isn’t to correct them. It’s to smile, look around, acknowledge the gifts, and find a way to give back. That said, what can you do right now to give more? Well? Ao Akua, joe * I interviewed Patricia Ryan Madson (as well as Paul Zane Pilzer) for members of Hypnotic Gold. These are member-only interviews that I’ve been doing for more than seven years now, amounting to well over 80 interviews. For more information, and to find out how to become a member of this select group, just click right here. PS - One more story of gratitude: When I was growing up, Clint Walker was the cowboy television star I admired. I never stopped to consider how his famous TV series, Cheyenne, entertained me weekly, for years, and yet I paid nothing. It was broadcast right into my parent’s home. Free. Today I realize how grateful I am for Clint and his show. (And my TV set.) He later appeared in many movies, such as The Dirty Dozen and Night of the Grizzly. You might imagine my surprise when I learned Clint Walker is still with us, alive at 85, writing his autobiography, working on a second novel, and selling signed photos and more off his website at I wrote to Clint, to thank him for all he did to give me a positive role model all those childhood years. I haven’t heard from him yet, and may never. Still, I’m grateful. I’m pretty sure he is grateful for the “miraculous imbalance” in life, too. In the spirit of giving back, here’s Clint Walker from a few years ago sharing life and death stories about listening to your inner voice:

Friday, 14 December 2012

Your Roadmap For Wealth And Poverty by Jodi Ouellette

Your education, financial status, or spiritual background is irrelevant. You will find that no matter the source of wealth building tips, the basic laws governing wealth and poverty are universal. You may have already noticed, the majority of all valid literature surrounding wealth building instruction, teach common findings that come straight from the Bible, although the words are changed to reflect our generations. There are some basic founding principles that you must absolutely follow to build wealth, and also to avoid poverty. I have read several books, and listened to many audio's on success, but nothing has impacted me as greatly as Biblical direction. I decided to share the steps that I have learned with you, and put it as plainly as I can. I hope this impacts you as greatly as it did me. Seven Steps To Poverty 1. Laziness. The only place success comes before work, is in the dictionary. "A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest and poverty will come on you like a bandit and scarcity like an armed man." Proverbs 6:10-11 2. Undisciplined living or seeking pleasure will bring upon poverty. When you seek to satisfy your desires, you can easily spend your profits as quickly as you make them. If you have never made a decent income before, or had nice things, it is easy to spend all of your money on material possessions, or to focus on your image, rather than being responsible with what you have, and investing for your future. Thus explaining the reason that most people who come into money by either winning it or inheriting it, are flat broke a few years after. 3. Pride. Be careful of this, because right when you think you've got it all, a major setback awaits. The type of pride I am talking about is when you take all the credit for any amount of success you do gain. The self absorbed thoughts of a pride filled person sound something like this - look at what I did, I can't believe how easy this is, I have better talents, etc. The truth is, nobody ever achieves a great level of success and wealth, without the help of key people; humility goes a long way. 4. Concealing your errors, and failing to admit when you are wrong. Have you found yourself making excuses for yourself, or even creating lies to make yourself look better, to hide your errors? You can never grow in wisdom, when you can't admit your failures. 5. Loving monetary wealth. If you seek wealth and riches above all other things, this is a path to poverty. What many Christians fail to understand is that money is not the root cause of the problem; the love of money is, because when money is your main desire, finding a stopping point is a challenge. This leads to greed, and no matter how much you make, you will never be satisfied or content. 6. Being selfish and stingy. Most of the time this happens when a person tries to protect what they have, so they don't lose it. When you focus on loss, guess where that leads losing it. What you focus on most is what you will attract. 7. Being fearful. Far too often people do not pursue their dreams boldly, because of fear of rejection, fear of what people might think, fear of failure, and even fear of success. Seven Steps To Wealth and Prosperity 1. Work with a spirit of excellence. You must perform at your absolute best regardless of who you work for. This is the opposite of being lazy and half-hearted. You can never earn that raise or promotion, if you don't give your best and return quality results. Becoming the favored person in your industry, the go to person that everyone wants to do business with, requires the right kind of attitude, and quality workmanship. 2. Realize you don't own your money. You see, there was a transfer of funds to you, and just as swiftly, it could relocate to someone else. Your finances are to be used for a higher purpose, than for only your material desires. When you build wealth, use your wealth to help others. It doesn't mean you should live in poverty, because you were designed to live in abundance, however, it simply means don't forget to give, and to help those less fortunate than you. Living for your own personal desires is a path to greed and destruction, through haste and unwise expenditures. Give generously and cheerfully. There is a reason the wealthiest people continually pay it forward, and continue to increase their wealth. They understand the laws of reciprocity. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Give generously, and you shall receive like measure. 3. Give into the right soil. In short, you must understand that not every seed you plant will bear fruit. Through labor, and experience you learn where fertile soil is, and where you should plant your seeds so they may reach maturity. You can advance to this point when you further your knowledge and gain better skills. By focusing on increasing your skills and wisdom, producing bigger and better fruit gets easier. For instance, investing in seminars to increase your abilities would be a smart decision, while shopping for the latest sleek Mercedes you've always wanted would not be smart, unless you have no debt and can afford to pay without financing. 4. Live for today and prepare for tomorrow. Most families today, are living in debt, slaves to their visa or mastercard, because they already spent next week's paycheck. We can experience a cycle of feast and famine. In times of abundance, watch out, the time of lacking will come. If you are in a famine, there is great news because you are in preparation for a feast. Your actions during both of these seasons determines how great your feast is, or how tough your famine will be. Those that understand the rules of wealth can avoid poverty and even increase during a famine. For those of you in a season of need and lack, you won't enter the plenty until you have learned what you need to and can pass the test. That's the great news, you can always try again. The important point is, learn to live in the now, within your means, while preparing for the future. "Go to the ant, sluggard; consider her ways and be wise; who having no guide, overseer, or ruler, provides her food in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest." Proverbs 6:6-8 5. Prosper where you are planted. No matter where you are right now, you need to do your absolute best with what you have been trusted with, or you will not advance. When a person doesn't act responsibly with their current income, how can they expect to multiply it? If you have a job you hate, and all you do is complain about it, you'll remain there until you learn to do your best with where you are at. We can't expect advancements in our life, when we are ungrateful, and abuse the things we do have. View life as a continual series of "try-outs". "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." Luke 16:10 6. Ask, Seek, Knock. Please note the reference to activity. You can't sit around waiting for wealth to fall from the sky, you must seek it on purpose. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Wealth is reserved for those who plan, and work their plan with diligent hands. "The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty." Provers 21:5 Plan your work, work your plan, diligently and patiently. 7. Errors and failing are a part of the wealth journey. I remember hearing the words...he who makes the most mistakes will find the most success. Do not fear failing or making mistakes. See your failed attempts as learning opportunities, embrace them; it was a failed business which was the catalyst for my current venture of the past nine years. I can't think of a single leader in time who achieved greatness on their first try. Besides, you can appreciate the wealth and success more, when you have had to suffer trials and challenges to get there. A wise man learns from his mistakes, and continues to move forward and strive for success. My final point on wealth and poverty is to live with an attitude of gratitude. Waking up everyday honestly thankful for all things, the good, the bad, and the ugly, forces your thoughts to remain positive. Gratitude removes the ability to whine and complain if things are not moving quickly enough for you, and you will be more open to identifying when true opportunities present themselves. You see true wealth doesn't have a dollar figure, it is being content with where you are, at any given moment. I believe you were created for wealth and abundance, so live your life on purpose, and pursue your dreams with vigor.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bob Proctor - The Subconscious Mind and How to Program it

Attracting Success Into Your Life With The Science Of Mind Power by Greg Frost

The recent release of "The Power", the sequel to the highly successful phenomenon that is "The Secret" has revived an interest in the law of attraction. What is the law of attraction? If you don't already know the popular term by now, it is simply a concept by which you employ the use of your mind power and personal beliefs to attract whatever it is you desire into your life. It has been taught by many luminaries throughout the centuries, and the underlying principle for the law of attraction in fact dates back to the biblical era.
But the law of attraction achieved a level of popularity amongst the masses only in recent times, thanks to the school of "New Thought" in the early 20<sup>th</sup> century. This movement was responsible for bringing the teachings of the law of attraction to the public eye. Long before Rhonda Byrne came along with "The Secret", spiritual and religious movements such as Religious Science and Unity were already teaching such principles. In fact, they are still growing today, and have a global presence thanks to the advent of the Internet.
Personal development gurus such as Wallace D. Wattles, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Earl Nightingale have all had a hand in making the awareness of such principles public knowledge, and their works are still being read and appreciated to this day.
To further understand the principles of the law of attraction, they can be likened to the basic "cause and effect" principle. In the Bible, Jesus speaks of this principle, by saying "you reap what you sow." Job also says, "That which I have feared has come upon me", which is also an element of the universal law of attraction.
So how do you put the inherent power of the law of attraction to good use? By awakening your mind power and incorporating the principles of the law of attraction into your daily life. One example that can be easily incorporated into your life is the practice of gratitude.
It can be as easy as being grateful for having awakened in the morning and being alive. Far too many of us tend to gripe and complain about life as it is, especially at the beginning of every week. We dread the week that hasn't already started, and thus we begin a cycle of negativity before we can even start our week. Always remember the principle of cause and effect; if we choose to be negative early in the week, the outcome of our entire week will be negative every step of the way.
So start each morning with gratitude. Be grateful everything is still in order, that you have good health, and that you look forward to using the tools at your disposal (your fully functional self) to make a better life for yourself. Run through a list of everything you have to be grateful for in your mind, and you'll be surprised by the amount of things you'll be able to come up with.
Remember, positivity attracts positivity. If your mind is full of positive energy, then you will inevitably attract positive outcomes into your life.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Law of Gratitude: Attracting Wealth and Abundance by Nancy Jeanella Harnell

The Ingenuity of Attracting Wealth and Abundance is eternal...
"Attracting Wealth and Abundance" through the power of gratefullness is an ancient strategy that has currently become greatly favored since the writings of "The Secret". I am encouraged now to not only use this technique myself on a daily basis, but to spread the message myself throught the world.
Folks from all walks of life and all areas in history have been interested in how to attract wealth into their lives.
Going back to 1910, Wallace Wattles created "The Science of Getting Rich". In his publication, the chapter on gratitude was the longest chapter. As Wallace states, "many folks are stuck in a state of poverty by having of appreciation."
Furthermore, Alert Einstein, having been brought up with a state of extreme need all around him, learned the key to attracting wealth at a young age. His writing says that he establishes it a daily action to be appreciative and feel gratefullness at minimum100 times a day for all of his fortune and the help of the scientists who had given him the understanding he has.
The Science in back of Attracting Wealth and Abundance with the Law of Gratitude...
Opposite to popular opinion, it's not simply about mind mastery or positive thinking that can draw you what you want. It has to do with feeling, and it is truly not at all "hooey". Our scientists of present-day have proven through quantum physics that we all emanate a magnetic existence around us... a power that can literally attract whatever we desire. People who are psychic are able to truthfully see this "aura" which is emitted around each one of us, baring our feelings. The magnetic physical energy works with vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency... the home you desire, the cash you prefer, the connection you desire, the car you desire... And you! When the frequency that you emanate is on the same level of what you want, you are attracting wealth and abundance into your life!
And what precisely does this have to do with the power of gratitude attracting wealth and abundance?
The law of attraction, also called the "power of love", determines that this magnetic power that we all emit vibrates at a high frequency only when good feelings are emitted. This is because love has the maximum frequency conceivable, which is how come you often notice people who are associated in very satisfied marriages are additionally somehow able to attract wealth into their lives. This power of attracting wealth into your life has to do with the positive feelings you are emitting when you feel in high spirits. And no one who is genuinely feeling gratefullness is dissatisfied. When you feel the feelings of gratitude deep inside your soul, you automatically come to be happy and appreciative, emitting a high positive frequency!
The Magic of Gratitude with "Attracting Wealth and Abundance"...
The trick is to be grateful for all that you have, whether you possess it yet of not. Each morning before you get out of bed, shut your eyes and feel appreciation for the day ahead that you know will bring you pleasure. Then, come out of that and continue on to feeling happy and grateful for that which you do possess in your life already. It's important to have an exceptionally clear image in your head of what you desire. A "vision board" with a photo will help you in fixing it in your mind. Then, write down "I'm so glad and grateful now that ______" and explain in speech how this new thing in your life that you imagine is making you in high spirits. Not "will make" - but "making". You must feel the feelings of appreciation for what you possess before you have it. That is the secret. The number 1 way to start, of course, is to notice things to be grateful for that you possess in your life even now.
Since using this strategy, I have personally experienced the benefit of attracting wealth and abundance in my own life!
Here are a few progresses in my own individual life since I learned the secret to attracting wealth...
1 - We had a house fire in 2007 and our coverage paid for us to stay on the beach while our house was undergoing repairs. I put out any negative emotions relating to the fire in my head, and had felt just intensely happy and appreciative that we were able to hang out on the seafront, and I saw it as a drawn out vacation. Previously, all things in our home was falling apart, with mold-ridden counter tops, faulty air conditioning and torn carpets. Our house was remodeled with everything new, with carpeting, central air, kitchen counter tops. Furthermore we wound up with new and more improved TVs and audio equipment for my husband's entertainment business!
2 - My husband had lost his day job in 2008 and soon after had come to be handicapped, hence leaving me with the burden of supporting the family on my salary alone. I was grateful that we were yet together and I had the ability to support us, still with the small amount of income I was drawing in. I had just been employed at a new position only four months later and concentrated on how extraordinary it was that I had earnings coming in at all. He qualified for disability income in 2011 and a lot of money was sent to our bank account to pay for our former losses.
3 - This money advancing in made us feel acutely appreciative, by all means, and my spouse has currently been in touch with musicians from his past who appeared to simply "come out of the woodwork", and they introduced him to new musicians who are making it conceivable for him to be up and running with the life's work of his dreams by the time his disability runs out! He even received an email from an old buddy from "out of the blue" who let us enjoy his house for a free vacation on the beach last October!
4 - I had recently begun an online business in 2010, since I believed at the time that it would be up to me alone to bring in the family income. My daughter had brought me into it, by asking if we can chip in together on investments. I have been constantly happy and grateful that my daughter had delivered me to something that could actually draw me money in my golden years!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Science Of Getting Rich by Robert F Arthur

The Science of Getting Rich - a Classic
Although The Science of Getting Rich was made public over one hundred years ago, there are lots of handy tips within it for those that are endeavoring to build better companies and build better lives for themselves, their family and society in total. You get what you have by doing things in a selected way and people who've been successful once will apply the justifications to other ventures and sometimes keep growing wealthy. People who haven't discovered how to use these techniques it does not matter how hard they work or how devoted to their roles they are , they will never grow rich. Wallace Wattles announces in this book that any person that can find that formula will be able to grow wealthy.
So How can I Find the Secret?
Understanding how to go about things that will make you rich is the key and that key according to Mr.Wattles is in your head. The elements are very similar to Steve Pavlina's ideas in his LOA. You are in control of what you do so if you are repetitively failing and doing things wrong, it is time to address the reasons why. The reasons for failure are virtually always in your own unconscious mind. Inversely, people who are extraordinarily successful appear to be born with this power of positive thinking and become entrepreneurs as quickly as they can. The Science of Growing Rich was written so that folks could achieve a positive fashion of thinking, a sense of self worth and take that attitude out into their day to day lives to attain prosperity.
Where there is a Will
Your will is why you do things and why you do not do things too. Will is why some people are awake before the alarm goes off, while others hit the sleep button so they're late every day. The first people are full of hope and expectations for their day and the second are thinking negatively, unless they have inherited a large amount of money or won the lottery those people will never become made.
Download Your Free Copy Today
The Science of Getting Rich can be obtained here today free, in .pdf format. This book has impressed many people including Rebecca Fine who has expanded the basic principles behind the book and created a course that has been brought to just about every country in the world, inspiring people to take the initiative and change their lives. Masses of people have had superb results as a result of following the info contained in The Science of Getting Rich.
It is straightforward to become skeptical about all the diverse courses and programs there are today about creating personal wealth and being successful, but when you consider this book would have fallen into obscurity if it didn't contain so much good information. Download your copy of The Science of Making Money today and see why it's so preferred.

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A few days ago I caught the train up to London and purchased a book from Blackwells Bookshop (in Tottenham Court Road) and came across a book which after skimming through, was convinced that it was a must-buy.  And having read the book more clearly read the book, it is a decision I do not regret.  This book in question is the Laptop Millionaire’ by Mark Anastasi. 

As you may have gathered, this book reveals how it is possible to become financially free simply from an idea and internet connectivity, plus some savvy low-cost marketing.  I also like how Mark reveals that there are seven millionaire principles; seven principles which allow enable one to become a millionaire (or at the very least financially free).

The one thing I like particularly by Mark’s book was what he says about assets and how the control (or ownership) of assets is what makes one financially free; ‘…you need to spend less than you earn and invest the difference in buying income-producing assets’ (something we discussed in the previous post Assets & Liabilities).  Mark also goes on to say how the internet has opened up a world of opportunities which one can become financially free through utilizing. 

The following article is an excellent review of the Laptop Millionaire, which outlines the book in an excellent way.  Click Here to read the article.

Also the book can be purchased from Amazon, by Clicking Here.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale by Ben Sanderson

The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale teaches you how to conquer mental blocks that are preventing you from earning the money you deserve. The ultimate secret to making money has nothing to do with your education or the type of degree you hold, but rather the amount of belief you have within yourself in relation to how capable you are of achieving great things.

In this program, Joe Vitale helps you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, activating the very energy that will lead you to a life of happiness and financial security. The Secret to Attracting Money is simply the act of using the infamous Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is one of the most well-known universal laws and is based on the fact that people in general create their own realities by utilizing the power of positive or negative energies.

You'll discover some of the most powerful and useful strategies to attract the wealth into your life that you've been yearning for. You'll uncover how you can effectively change the way you think, thus coming to the realization that you have unlimited income potential.

Working should not be something that you do not enjoy doing, but rather something that you look forward to everyday. If you want to be happy, you must do what you love. The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale will lead you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you to figure out what it is you were meant to be doing. Chances are that you're working a boring, dead-end job that doesn't pay you the money that you want or need.

While in the midst of studying this program, you can be working on attracting all the wealth that you want into your life at a much quicker pace than you would have been able to do otherwise. In addition, you'll find out exactly why you've been failing in your quest toward earning more money, ultimately giving answers questions you've been wondering about for so long.

The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale talks about how the desire for more money will automatically activate you inner potential and start helping you to attract those energies right away. You'll begin noticing more ways to make money and start discovering wonderful things about yourself that you may have never knew. This program has helped thousands find their true, hidden genius within. One thing that you'll learn within the first few minutes is that there is a successful individual inside of you, just waiting to become the next millionaire.

Escaping from poverty will become your number-one priority. This program will help you to avoid becoming just another statistic who works a lowly-paying job, never really making it in life. It will also open the door to a large number of opportunities.

The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale changes the way you view yourself and money in general. Most people are a slave to their weekly paycheck. They know exactly what they are going to make and have somehow come to accept the fact that they will never be nothing more than what they are right now. People don't work in factories, fast food restaurants, and low-paying retail stores because they want to. Everyone wants more money because they know that with more money will come more opportunities to be happy and live the lifestyle they want. They work in these places because they have been subconsciously lead to believe that they can't do any better. The Secret to Attracting Money by Joe Vitale will help you to understand what you're really worth, leading you to the place where you want to be financially.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Now is the Time to Think and Grow Rich by Ralston Heath

Now is The Time to Think and Grow Rich

The book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has some great wisdom that all people should know, that all people should practice. One of the greatest books ever written that not only holds the key to a prosperous future for all people but also gives you the secret for a truly happy life. You can find your happiness and your fortune in the pages of the book Think and Grow Rich. If you read the book and if you put into practice the concepts you discover there, you can use the secrets found there to create your own destiny and then have it manifested into your reality by the knowledge you obtained from the book.

Now is the time to act on what you desire. You may be able to see that the date of this article is June of 2010, with the giant recession that has beset the entire world we are now all more or less in an equal starting position. We have again seen the full circle of economic events and the world is ready for new and better ways of doing things. The world as we know is ready for new inventions, new methods of teaching, new books, new movies, new means of living, and more. There is no limit, only your imagination can hold you back now.

With all this opportunity, opening up everywhere you must have one quality in order to win. This is mentioned many times in the book Think and Grow Rich as definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what a person wants, and a burning desire to possess it. Set your mind on what you desire, then act upon it with definiteness of purpose, and your dreams can come true, you will have your happiness. This world needs practical dreamers who will put their dreams into action.

Tolerance is needed more than ever, if you are afraid of new ideas and methods then your ideas are doomed from the start. This is a time for pioneers, sure, there are less and less unexplored lands to adventure upon, rather there are vast areas of business, commerce, and industry that have yet to be discovered, and there are many many more that need remolded, redirected and redefined. Now is the time to start, now is the time to dream, and now is the time to act.

In many of the past lessons that I have set for you there has been the mention of the word desire. Desire is what will drive you to create great success for yourself, and this will improve your life and the lives of those around you. The only problem is you, that little voice of fear inside you that whispers to you that you will fail. Let us now silence that voice of fear, yes, you will fail, but all the failures you will experience are but lessons to be learned. Learn them and keep moving on. Once you begin, you will see yourself becoming happier and wealthier every day. You must start now, ignore the voice of fear, for the greatest opportunity of your life is knocking, now is the time to use Think and Grow Rich to your advantage and your happiness. So go and have your dream and use your desire to make it a reality, the world will thank you.

Be Blessed

Monday, 19 November 2012

Law of Attraction by Bob Proctor

How does your mind work? How does it function exactly? Surely, you don't want the power of the mind to go to waste, right? You can tap into the power of your own mind to make positive changes in your life. The Brain refers to the whole process of learning the manner in which humans think and act, and how leaders react and manage their teams to be able to identify the exact point of concern of every member in the team. This enables the leader to not only approach the problem with the most optimum solution in an efficient style but also increases his acceptance and trust in the group. Our brain is so powerful that it transmits thousands of nerve impulse to different parts of the body.
For those who saw the documentary, The Secret, you will recognize Bob Proctor as the first person to appear on the screen. "The Secret is The Law of Attraction" was the first thing he stated at the start of the film. You would definitely have your eyes glued to the screen the whole time as you absorb every word and everything that was stated. One of the few people who have successfully applied the Law of Attraction in his life is Bob Proctor and by applying this method into his life, even though he had no formal education and no business connections, he became a self-made multi millionaire, travelling around the globe to help other people achieve their success by reconditioning and reprogramming their minds just like what he did in his life. He explained in an interview the reasons why most people fail to achieve their goals and reach success. There, he also explained some very effective techniques to start correcting and starting to program yourself for abundance and success in whatever your goals are and these techniques can be applied by you today. He also emphasized the fact that you can make a big change in your life and turn negative energy into positive energy all through the power of your mind.
Introducing the 6 minutes to success program by Bob proctor. This program will help you create the daily habit. Put simply it's a program where Bob Proctor teaches you the principles in the Science of Getting Rich and the powers of the mind on a daily basis. You will receive a 2-minute long video every day, from Monday to Friday. After the video, you will be given 4-5 minute exercises which is what completes your 6 minutes to success. The Success power program, which about living an ideal life by finding the missing pieces of your life, was also created by him. You can combine this with your 6 minutes to success. In this program you will discover exactly what you want out of life. Eliminate all obstacles blocking the path to your dreams and goals, create a success picture of your life, select and prioritize your goals in the most effective way and work with the universe to achieve your goals in the easiest way possible. You can complete the pieces of the puzzle in your life already and know the answers to your question because this program will help you find it. You
Thus we can say that all things around us are energy created by the power of our mind. And so, everything that is perceived by our eyes and our senses are actually created by the mind. Most importantly you have to have a goal to aim for. Make sure these goals are clear and specific though. For example do not just have it in mind to make a lot of money - decide on the exact amount and then all of your efforts and mental action can go to getting that amount of money. Of course many successful people already understand how to use the power of their own mind to achieve the things they want. Whe achieving their goals; they simply focus and concentrate on those goals. Getting to know your mind is simply very important to deal with. It's important for you to understand that you can change your life by creating everything around you. Let us use our God-given knowledge and wisdom in a positive way.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Think And Grow Rich: The App That Aids Create Wealth by kermit mckague

Any individual who is acquainted with the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill will value the brand new app which very virtually puts the fundamentals on the book at their fingertips.
Think And Grow Rich: It operates in the following way: an user inputs their objective, what they're prepared to exchange in order to attain that aim, as well as a day deadline by which they hope to achieve the purpose. The app will automatically display the goals before the consumer goes to mattress, and initially point inside the early morning once they get up. Users can also include images in their targets to their slideshow for additional motivation.
The app permits users to create their very own exceptional goal declaration by responding to some easy questions. Customers may also make their own target assertion with out a template should they so decide on. From there, customers can established the instances on which they would prefer to see their targets to see how much they've attained, or how much further they have to go.The app's slideshow feature offers users the alternative of uploading pictures of their target which present encouragement and further assurance that they'll fulfill the objective that they have established. Think And Grow Rich: The App supplies users with the ability to track their progress by signifies of the development streak. This development streak was extra together with the belief that keeping track of ones objectives would be the supreme important to achieving them and being productive.
Quotes from Napoleon Hill's book can also be set as much as be viewed at random. The app gives more than 50 of Hill's most well-known inspirational estimates guaranteed to encourage and encourage virtually absolutely everyone.Even individuals who have but to read Think And Grow Rich can benefit from this app as it will grant them access towards the complete and unedited model with the book straight from their phone. Now anybody having a wise telephone can access their full prosperity possible with a small enable from Think And Grow Rich.
About Think And Grow Rich: Think And Grow Rich is definitely the brainchild of Napoleon Hill and can also be the result of more than twenty years of extensive study based on Hill's close association having a large number of productive individuals who accrued a great offer of wealth for the duration of their lifetimes. He located that the keys to their success integrated 13 fundamental ideas, all of which might be read about in his book-or the app.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bob Proctor on the Secret – The Secret Does Work by Laurie J. Brenner

Bob Proctor is as honest as the day is long. He has nothing to hide. He recently shared on the Spiritual Cinema Circle Volume No. 10 for 2010 that he made $4,000 a year and owed $6,000 when he was first introduced to "The Secret" in the early 1960s. Handed a book by his mentor at that time called "The Science of Getting Rich," Bob continually reads that same copy - every day. It's falling apart and held together with a rubber band. That's every day for the last 50 years.
Bob Proctor on the Secret - It Changed His Life
His life changed shortly after receiving that book and reading it every day - and for over eight years - he didn't know what he did to change his life, but he was glad he did. His life started to change within a few short months of his beginning this new journey. He was so hungry for something different he went out and bought a cheap battery-operated record player so that he could listen to "The Strangest Secret" told by Earl Nightingale about the "Science of Getting Rich."
Reprogrammed His Mind
Everywhere he went he listened to that record player over and over again. And when he wasn't listening to the record, in his spare time he was reading - over and over again. What he was doing was reprogramming his mind. His mind became full of what he was reading and listening to crushing all chance of negative programming to take over. What happened is the positive programming took over and changed his life.
Success Sought Him Out
He became so successful that in a few short months he made more in a month than he had made in a year - back in the '60s. He paid his debt and was off and running. One day while listening to Earl Nightingale, he got this idea to start a business and instead of just "dreaming" about what he could do, he took action on his thoughts. He created a brand new business and made bunches of money with it before he sold it.
He decided that he felt more passionate about teaching what he had learned to others so that they could discover the secret of getting rich like he had. That's when he went into the business he is in today -- helping others learn the science of getting rich.
Most people won't succeed with these principles because they jump from thing to thing to thing without fully engaging in a program and following through with it. Most people don't know how to take action on their ideas because they think so little of themselves.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

How Would You Acquire World Wide Web Targeted Visitors? by Jone Dirghayu

There actually are several different ways to acquire visitors, a number of them totally free while others not too.
1. Make use of Web 2 ..Zero strategies: Web 2 ..2 could be the hottest stage or perhaps Next age group involving net based solutions that include social networks including websites like myspace.internet and also
youtube . to call just a few. A highly structured along with fascinating blog site is a superb podium that to achieve blogging platforms.Zero primarily based net site visitors.
2. Compose Content articles: Inexpensive and also impressive approach to entice rapid related people to your site as well as website. It lets you do have to have a certain quantity associated with energy from you
(quite simply promoting helpful details) to make certain that the write-up appeals to a huge amount of individuals to your web site. The most effective touch regarding article marketing is basically that you
have got thousands associated with article directory sites which you could post your site content for you to.
3. Putting up Within Message boards: A lot of people trawl community forums to discover responses that will solve their own difficulties. You are able to take advantage of this particular by sorting out community forums tightly related to the marketplace
as well as publishing responds to be able to latest or even the latest inquiries to that you just be aware of solutions. In case you article any really valuable as well as beneficial answer you can get numerous pleased clients.
Precisely how?
Effectively, it is quite likely people in whose dilemma you simply resolved may select your current personal connect to observe just what even more valuable info they could find out of your
web site. Many community forums allow you to advertise your internet site by letting you to definitely substance one of the links directed for your internet site at the conclusion of this post (various message boards get distinct
recommendations so it will be excellent to learn all of them way up).
1. Pay-Per-Click Marketing which maybe the most well-known (or perhaps notorious based on your point of view) can be Ppc. Having to pay to have net visitors by means of
marketing 's what is often referred to as Pay per click as well as pay-per-click. In it's simplest, pay out per-click advertising requires an individual producing a commercial as well as putting in a bid to get an appropriate searched-for search phrase. Your own advertising will likely then always be on the appropriate google search directory internet pages to the exact same key phrase a person wager.
2. Web Site visitors In the Engines like google: This is actually the finest visitors to pull aimed at your website since it is one of the most competent along with focused form of website traffic.Exactly what do After all when i state one of the most competent form of net targeted traffic?
After all individuals who definitely entered research online term/phrase (key phrase) in to just about any internet search engine on the internet. This type of individual is prone to buy, sign up or perhaps carry out whatever you decide and many need your prospective customers to perform once they reach your web site.
Obtaining this sort of targeted traffic needs search engine marketing (search engine optimization) of the site or even website.
Benefits: There are a number of strategies to get net website visitors to your current website/blog today, that include a lot of energy, a lot more consequently as opposed to runners. A new well crafted post charges an individual a maximum of your whirring of your respective mind along with the hint faucet of the palms for the keyboard set, the site visitors created coming from that particular write-up may without difficulty tanslate straight into large income.
Disadvantages: Website traffic 's what everyone having an online presence wants, simply issue is it is fairly difficult to get yourself a quite a bit than it until your web site has been in existence for many years.
Net profit: World wide web readers are the particular center of the internet business and when you want to end up being a web marketer then you certainly can't do without them.
3. Enjoy Certainly not Continue with the Innovator!
Masura Ibuka, the co-founder associated with The new sony when explained "You never ever reach your goals in technologies, company or some different by using other people!Inches In which quotation is every bit suitable right now online marketing and advertising world because it has been whenever he stated this. In the event you insist upon actively playing follow-the-leader, after that simply by proxies you will often be actively playing catch-up which isn't the particular
very best online strategy.
Advantages: Becoming the first choice inside no matter what advertising and marketing undertaking a person follow routinely can make the model instantaneously well-known for the open public that means a lot more revenue because individuals will invariably consider you initially for your certain specialized niche. In the end remember the greatest affiliate marketing target needs to be promoting your own personal goods.
Negatives: In your front because of its nature implies that you are going to must convey an a bit more commitment at the start to realize contributing as compared to in case you're merely becoming a member of the particular rates high associated with enthusiasts.
4. Stay away from the Minefield Associated with On-line Ripoffs.
I know you should not be known that this web will be awash along with cons. A great principle for you to follow will be: Whether it would seem way too very good really was it's exactly
which! A lot of people obtain ripped off since they're trying to find easy and simple route to money and therefore dismiss which minor squeaky speech inside their go that is certainly letting them know "there's simply no this sort of factor just as one instantaneously good results!Inch
Advantages: Lots of web marketers who has been running effortlessly powering any act involving respectability get given that been recently open along with his or her ripoffs. Nevertheless the actual responsibility will be giving you and also hardwearing . senses and also sound judgment rather than obtain deceived!
Disadvantages: You can easily become grabbed away your current feels through very good copy writing along with ideas coming from all those funds you happen to be seemingly intending to make instantaneously!
Should you ever accomplish start making in which giddy experience related for you to gonna-be-rich-overnight malady, keep in mind precisely what world-famous beauty shop Vidal Sassoon was required to state concerning accomplishment: "The just position in which achievement will come just before jobs are inside the glossary!In .

Friday, 9 November 2012

How To Get More Traffic with Traffic Adserver by Marie Milligan

Have you ever heard the expression "I KNOW WHERE THE FISH SWIM"?
Well, I'd like to introduce you to Jerry, who used to work for Xerox. He was part of the brain trust for that company and worked on the very early user mouse interface. He has a picture of his garage, and in it is over 15 computer screens, about 18 servers that did nothing but traffic monitoring, which was his own setup. He monitors traffic and has the software and means to do so, throughout the world. Jerry KNOWS where the fish swim!
Anybody who wants to tap in and gain TRAFFIC that is not recyled or used can do so with this software we called "TRAFFIC ADSERVER" at With this SOFTWARE you can literally tap into his Network(s),daily, and get traffic that, in a normal day, would never see your website or blog on any search engine at all, yet, they are looking for your exact business offer! That's 70% of the Internet that never get touched. Possibly BILLIONS of people, who would purchase from you, but never see your website. YES BILLIONS!
By tapping into Jerry's Networks and venturing into areas on the internet, where rehashed, recycled products, same ole affiliates, same ole guru's were no where to be found but FRESH TRAFFIC was rolling to my website(s) like a flood! FRESH RESPONSIVE GOOD TRAFFIC!
Well, FRESH CONTENT is nothing compared to FRESH CUSTOMERS, and this is what TRAFFIC ADSERVER has the pleasure of tapping into. Who needs FRESH CONTENT when FRESH CUSTOMERS are rolling in for me and my business?
NEWBIES, people who are online, but not getting pounded with adware, videos, twitter ads, facebook ads, safelist members, etc... most of this traffic is from NEWBIES or NEW ENTRENPRENURS, or just about anybody venturing into something NEW in their life, from all aforementioned above plus new marriages, new pet owners, new bank accounts, new jobs, first jobs, recently unemployed, first time in love, anybody doing something for the FIRST TIME (per say), and we have TRAFFIC ADSERVER SOFTWARE that finds them and the targeting that gets YOU the RIGHT TRAFFIC.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

List Building Secrets For Beginners by Dan Blackwell

It is often believed that the longer the list, the greater the profits. But that's not the whole truth. The reality is that the quality of your list ultimately matters in determining the amount of profits that you'll earn. When building a list, your first priority should be the quality of the list. As a matter of fact, quality and quantity are inversely related.
Methods of high quality list building
If you have managed to obtain great traffic to your website, you need to hold on to as many of them as possible by acquiring contact information of the quality customers. There are many ways of building a list:
1. Pop-ups. These may be disliked by many visitors but webmasters know that they actually work in building a list.
2. Squeeze pages. These pages, which require name and email of visitors before allowing them in, are increasing in popularity.
3. Opt-in boxes. These are areas on every page that enable the visitor to enter their contact details.
The success of the above three methods in list building depends on how captivating your copywriting is. Depending on how the visitors got your website, like via article links, AdWords, search engine results, etc., you can get a conversion rate of 20% or more.
How to consistently obtain high quality conversions
The first rule of marketing is: don't annoy your prospective customers. So before you ask for their names and emails addresses, offer them some free material. This is actually a great way of list building because you allow your customers to sample the kind of content that you are going to sell them. As against self praising methods like headlines, this method ranks highly among customers.
In addition, if the prospects sign up for your list after approving of the sample, there's a high chance of them becoming your customers.
Quality always scores over quantity. However, even if you think you have the best list in the world, it doesn't mean that all your prospective customers are captivated with your site. And most emails get deleted without being read. Hence your job is to create a name for yourself so that you are known as the supplier of choice. For this you must mail your list at least once a week.
Once you're done with building a list of high quality, don't ruin your reputation by trying to sell something in each email. Provide lots of freebies and offer something for sale every fourth email or so. Even then, offer something which you personally use and enjoy.
Quality list building is not easy; so protect it once you've made it. This list will earn you an amazing lifestyle.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Magic Methods As well as other Magic Goods And the way To Market Them On EBay by Benjamin Wood

Tricks in prepared provide, from wholesalers or on dropship may be listed 'Buy It Now' on eBay at only a couple of kilos revenue apiece and even now make cumulatively very great profits. The secret would be to buy a couple of methods individually from wholesalers or dropshippers (ideally wholesalers simply because you will get a low cost on bulk buys later on) and test the cash producing potential of those items. You need to estimate value potential by auctioning your test products more than a couple of diverse auctions (regular and Acquire It Now), then test what costs are achieved and the way several 2nd Possibility Delivers are doable.Acquiring finished testing, you then must decide regardless of whether to stick to auction format or use 'Buy It Now' coupled with numerous merchandise listings. It is possible to examine what other magic tricks sellers are performing for the very same or related items by sorting through eBay's magic trick classes. Methods aged and new usually go below 'Collectibles > Fantasy / Myth / Magic > Trick' in both the USA and the UK. Note that 'Collectibles' USA style (the correct spelling), is spelled 'Collectables' on Test out current and completed listings to get a feel for starting rates, listing types, finishing results from tricks equivalent to these you propose selling.MORE Tricks TO HELP YOU MAKE Dollars FROM MAGIC ON EBAY* Once you have a winning item, at auction or 'Buy It Now', keep listing that products every seven or ten days and always in your shop, and begin buying in bulk from wholesalers where the more you purchase the bigger the discounts typically become. Be sure always to buy in sufficient quantity to fulfill sales for several weeks ahead based on orders placed in recent weeks.* Be quite careful and do not overstock on any merchandise you sell which is not your own creation or otherwise available only from you. This is since, once you have a winning item, you may find copycats arriving to take advantage of all your hard work and that might mean a drop in your market share. Note, however, copycats rarely prosper, they don't like hard work, and numerous are short lived and not a major threat to experienced eBay sellers like you and me.* Be on constant lookout for new tricks to test and estimate profit prospective. Continuously add to your range of methods and aim to promote hundreds, better still thousands of low to high profit methods every month, as do eBay shop owners like: Troll and Toad (24,891 magic related listings), Hocus Jokus (4,994 magic listings), Phat Dog Magic (555 Listings), Magic by Mail (396 products). Troll and Toad, for example, sold over 5,000 magic items last month, at charges ranging from 1 cent (almost certainly to grow a mailing list for back end and outside of eBay selling) to several thousand dollars for rare antique magic books and games. Of thousands of items on sale, Troll and Toad have just 37 auction listings, a great indication of the power of using just a couple of standard auction listings to drive traffic from eBay's main listings to the seller's eBay store. All people shop listed items cost around one quarter the price of individual auction listings, meaning low overheads and higher unit profits per sale. But there's a problem for eBayers using mainly shop listings as the next paragraph shows.* Except for eBayers choosing higher price shop subscriptions or generating traffic themselves to their shop listings, shop listed products are disregarded by eBay's search engines, especially for high demand products with countless eager sellers. This means if someone keys words into eBay's search facility to describe items equivalent to these you are selling in an eBay shop, it's really unlikely your listings will show in eBay's search results which overwhelmingly favour auction listings. This makes it a really very good idea to always have a few auction listings each week and to use those listings to direct traffic to your eBay Shop. In carrying out so, you will find some people visiting your auction listings will find their own way into your shop. But that's hitty-missy and definitely not recommended. Far better to be creative and use auction listings not just to promote your merchandise but most importantly to attract buyers to your shop.* Be sure to use words in your titles that prospective buyers actually use to locate goods such as you are selling. Otherwise all your listings will go unnoticed. Mistakes and oversights are easy as I found while researching this feature for which I subsequently found the answer in an article I've included later on, by Sally Neill.I had thought everyone would consider 'magic' the most important word in the title for any magic trick selling on eBay, which in the majority of cases it was. But possessing researched 'magic trick', I began looking for specific tricks, using coins and playing cards, for example, and I spotted a great a lot of listed as 'coin trick', 'card trick', 'card sleight of hand', without 'magic' in the title. Anyone looking for 'coin magic' as I would have done would not see hundreds of titles missing that vital word 'magic'.It transpired that 'magic' is a popular keyword and, I found that coin and card tricks, for example, with 'magic' in the title sold on average twice as well as listings without 'magic'. There are other words, also, used in your title, that determine regardless of whether your listing will respond - or not - to eBay's search engines.For more information about popular and prolific keywords and phrases used to find magic tricks on eBay, go to eBay's Pulse Pages where you may find lots of information to help you choose the most appropriate category and words to describe and list your products.These are the most frequently used key words and phrases used in the UK to find magic methods:magic tricksmagic the gathering (an incredibly popular and profitable computer game, not much connected with magic methods)magic cardsmagic illusionmagic dvdmagic setmagic kitstage magicmagic coinsmagic stuffmagic illusionsmagic trading cards.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Making money online can be a really hard thing to do considering all one has to do to make money online; Write articles, advertize on classifieds, social networking, social bookmarking, PayPal issues, networking and co. It truly can be a lot to do. Fiverr to me is the best and easiest way to make money online. If you have been making money online, then you can make more with Fiverr easily and if you have never made money online, I can guarantee you that with Fiverr, you will be making between $5 and $50 daily if you are serious about what you are doing. In this article, I will share with you eight easy ways to make money with Fiverr.
Fiverr is a website where people buy and sell gigs (tasks) for $5.It is used daily by loads of people all over the world! It's a place where you can get people perform tasks you can't perform yourself and pay them $5 and you can as well perform tasks for people and get paid $5.
If you have skills that are on high demand on Fiverr, then you could be making unlimited money than you ever thought! Listed below are eight easy ways you can make money from Fiverr.
A: Create a short video for people: On Fiverr, gig that sell like hot-cake is video creating. If you are good at creating videos, then you are for making loads of $5 on Fiverr. Post it as a gig on Fiverr and for every video you create for people, you get paid $5. It's that easy!
B: Article Writing: It is no longer news that most Internet marketers get traffic from Article marketing and in Internet Marketing, the money is in the traffic. If you are good at writing articles, then post it as a gig on Fiverr and you get paid for every article written. Simple! I know people that can write five goof articles in less than an hour
C: Writing product reviews: Product reviews have become a hot-cake online. Being able to write product reviews can fetch you unlimited $5 on Fiverr. Post your product review writing gigs on Fiverr and get paid $5 for every product review written.
D: Write HOW-TO reports: If you are good at doing stuffs other people are willing to learn, then compile them into an easy to follow HOW-TO report and sell it on Fiverr.
E: Sell whatever service: On Fiverr, I come across a lot of creative gigs daily. Think, think and think of tasks you can perform that people are looking for and post it on Fiverr.
F: Create an e-book cover: Creating e-book cover is a gig that sells well on Fiverr. If you know how to create an e-book cover, then you are in for loads of $5 on Fiverr. Post it on Fiverr and start raking in loads of $5 on Fiverr.
G: Create blogs: Do not be amazed that loads of people really want to own blogs but don't know how to create them. You can create blogger blogs for people on daily basis on blogger and get paid. With blogger, you don't pay for domain names or hosting service. All you need is a Gmail account and i earn $5 for each blogger I create for people. Amazing!
H: Send post-cards: This is another gig that sells well on Fiverr. People really want to receive post cards from different places in the world. If you can send post cards, then post them on Fiverr and get paid for each pot-card sent.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Increasing the Page Views of Your Blog by Devin Sellers

Getting a high number of page views on your blog is something that's not difficult to achieve if you take the right steps. All bloggers love it when visitors to their websites tour their blogs to view other posts in their blogs; it is even better for them when people take a longer time viewing their blogs. So what does it really take to increase the page views of your blog? What do you need to clearly convey your message to the reader in a clear manner? Continue reading this article to find out the answers.

Write Effective Titles: The most important thing that you need to remember when writing your post titles is to keep them short and meaningful, while making sure they are attention grabbing. Titles should be no longer than 15 words but should include your main unique selling point so people will know what the post is about when they read the title. When your readers are navigating through your blog, they will first see the title before clicking through to the next post. Not too many people will read a post if the title doesn't sound interesting, even if it's a good quality post.

While you want your title to be unique and creative, use a direct tone so your readers don't get confused.

Create Compilations Pages: If you focus on creating an environment where you can direct your readers to other useful posts, you'll help them to go through more of your posts. You can compile a number of related post links into one blog post and publish it, so that your readers know where to find the best of the related posts in one place. You will increase your page views if you create a strong post that leads your readers to other areas of your blog. This is a good tip to have up your sleeve, even if you can't use it until you have a good number of posts.

Look Around for Tools to Use for Page Views: Utilizing the right types of tools for researching your page views will help you to know the types of readers that like your content and how you can do more for them. Having this kind of available information will give you the chance to gain the most from your blog when it comes to supplying your readers with what they want. You will be able to determine the things that make your blog successful as well as the things that bring about failure. Everything that you learn will help you to keep watch over your blog and help it to grow as time goes by. This article has made it clear that attracting a loyal audience to your blog requires breaking new grounds in the way blogging is done. A quick survey indicates that the successful blogs are those that have implemented the above suggestions in order to boost their page views. Visitors to your blog can only become loyal readers if they continue to find quality content every time.

If you're just starting out with your own blog, it may take some time before you start seeing results with the tactics that we discussed here, but nevertheless they're worth trying.

To increase page views, you need to do everything you can to make sure your readers are getting the best experience.

In conclusion, this article proves that increasing blog page views is not that difficult to do, if you continue to work at a steady pace.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Direct Mail Marketing: Why Use it Versus Any Other Form of Advertising? by Nitesh Patel

Why do a lot of businessmen use direct mail? Well, it's because a lot of the consumers nowadays are much more up-to-date and sophisticated than before. Advertisements from television, radio, magazines, and internet are just everywhere so, it is of much difficulty to catch people's attention. So, the question that is bothering most businessmen is how to effectively reach their target customers without spending their entire advertising budget especially if they don't have that much. The most practical answer to that is through direct mail.
The emergence of direct mail marketing is quite beneficial nowadays. It's the only kind of advertising that can directly pinpoint the target clients and can give immediate response rates. So by using direct mail, there's not much of a waste of resources and time. Unlike the other forms of media, direct mail gives an opportunity to really have a more personalized interaction or encounter with your target audience. If you have a "landscaping business" for example, in direct mail, you would only be advertising to people who are interested in such business and not advertise the same business to "apartment dwellers" as well, which are commonly happening to other forms of advertising.
Direct mail gives you full control of your budget because you can exactly trace how many pieces you have sent out during the whole campaign and who received them. You will know also how much everything costs which makes everything easy to calculate the cost-per-order or the cost-per-response. With this kind of advertising, repeat business and income that the sequence of mailings has generated for the benefit of your business can even be tracked with much ease and convenience.
Another thing that you have to consider in direct mail marketing is to make use of the same source for printing and mailing. Maybe you're now asking why. Well, the reason for doing so is for you to avoid finger pointing between the two companies should you use two separate firms for printing and mailing. The best thing to do is use one company for both so that if there's any trouble or delays, you can only refer your complain or receive an update from one company.
Another reason why you have to get the service of one company for both the printing and mailing process is that you can receive more guidance when it comes to your printing layout so that it would comply to the guidelines imposed by any mail house. So, instead of changing the print outs over and over again to pass with the mailing standards imposed, you wouldn't have to do that anymore if you use just one company for both processes.
These are just few of the guidelines that you have to remember when doing direct mail marketing. If done right, for sure it can become the best marketing tool that can generate more income and boost more profit compared to other forms of advertising.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Where To Invest Now And The Future by Matt Leblanc

With the recession still being felt and the financial climate still looking gloomy, the talk of where to invest money has certainly been pushed to the back of the minds for most. Many are still struggling with the aftermath of the largest modern financial catastrophe that took away the livelihoods of most people worldwide. However, investing still remains one of the best ways to get out of this predicament. So where does one invest now? This is a question that looks grappling with the backdrop of what were considered safe investments with high returns. These are property markets and the stock markets which surprisingly fuelled to a large part the financial crisis. In discussing where to invest now however, all the approaches will need careful consideration and assessment before making a decision.
Not all looks gloomy though, with proper strategies and financial plans, there are several investment options are still profitable. Some options and places for where to invest in 2012 include mutual bonds, the stock market, jewelry and with careful consideration, property especially land. This compared to other products in the real estate industry; the value of land appreciates much faster compared to other products like shops, offices and houses. And then with the mortgage crisis still impelling and banks still holding up the foreclosures, it could take several years before all the mess clears up to really allow the real estate property market to look up again. So this might not be a brightly lit avenue and certainly not a clear cut option of where to invest your money now. However, with land, there will always be some developmental project coming up especially with a prime piece of land. So if you are able get in now and hold on to your piece, you could very well be a millionaire in the future.
The financial markets present a more viable target of places to invest now. If you are looking for a better area to invest your money, then this should be a top choice. There are several categories of investments in the markets and these include mutual funds and stocks. Stocks have a higher risk but do come with high returns especially when well placed. All you have to do is to diversify your portfolios by spreading the risk and thus minimize the losses. With mutual funds, they present the almost safest bet of the right place to put your money. There are four basic categories of mutual funds and these are money markets, bond funds, domestic stock funds and international markets.
With bonds especially the government ones, they offer investment protection which make them more stable and safe compared to the rest. They may take more time to mature and to double you investment, but ultimately, they are solid investments. So if you are looking for where to invest, a conservative option of bonds and leveraged loans would also make an excellent choice. International markets mutual funds are also a hot investment prospective.
Lastly, there are some many foreign markets enjoying a boom and if you are looking for how to invest your money wisely that will bring returns in the near future, then this is a safe bet for where to invest now.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Off-line Companies that Need Seo services by Evelyn J. Franks

Ever thought about that Seo services are suitable for your business? Enhanced Squeeze pages, Creating an Authority website? Pay-Per -Click Marketing or Organic Search Motor Optimisation? Because of so many possibilities, the one-size-fits-all attitude isn't relevant with regard to creating a alternative (all encompassing) search engine optimization campaign.
One must be aware which:
SEO Services for a New Web site
SEO Services to have an Established Off-Line Brand name
SEO Services for any Nearby / Nationwide Small Business
Seo services with regard to Enterprise Clients
just about all have their own unique problems, advantages and disadvantages. The next describe depicts the basic components that make sure that each type of customer is provided with a clear competitive benefit with regards to online marketing services as well as execution techniques based on their needs.
Even though size of your budget is a decisive element, it's not always the conclusive solution. More often than not choosing the best Seo services for that job boils down to patience, a solid strategy along with a constant vigil to watch analytics and user wedding.
Besides the game plan, having the appropriate infrastructure associated with specialists to administer the actual several tasks required (covering the selection of holistic functions needed) for each stage of the SEO campaign is a must. Depending on your company or the structure of your organization, you'll be able to implement modifications provided from a qualified Search engine optimization advisor as well as coordinate required actions together with your in-house group to maximise assets.
Regardless of who does the job, the next components outlined here are the critical elements which consist of the foundation for a solid Search engine optimization administration campaign tend to be:
. Site Structures
. Design as well as Usability
. Keyword Study & Aggressive Evaluation
. Custom Content Developmentand Implementation
. Analytics in order to Chart Improvement which ShapeReal-Time Changes in the Marketing campaign Focus
. The Capability to Hone within Upon Every Area and Size to support Competitors or even Problems
First of all, the new web site / new venture: This really is like wanting to perform professional football and not having thrown or even caught the ball in your life. Sure, you can do it, however at what price? The learning curve which is based on learning from mistakes are the adversary at this stage as just using a little info can be a harmful thing.
Talking to and experience are required the most at this time to produce a practical solution lightweight on perspiration equity, laying the actual groundwork and employing the building blocks associated with authority. This particular stage can either make or break a new website Or or start up business based on the business, the competition and the focus on fine detail necessary to get it right the very first time.
Tips for new endeavors or even online companies, (the) get a (CMS) cms to add content material, pictures and video to your website on impulse (w) stay away from interferance websites as the dependency on web designers is only going to limit your opportunity to stay liquid this will let you clearly defined range of keywords you want to target as well as (c) look at a class rather than just keywords.
From the checklist over the actual primary elements for a company entering the marketplace clean (with out content material or even off-line reputation) is better away leveraging the following methods.
CSS dependent Design (to assist bots in crawling and cataloging/indexing your articles).
Liquid Functionality Concepts: depending on business frontrunners (study the very best sites most abundant in traffic in your market) to discover that has probably the most traffic, after that use competitive research to change professional their own outcomes with time.
Key phrase Selection: choose a series of moderately competitive key phrases in Google to cut your own tooth upon, pursuing the actual glorious keywords at this stage generally is an exercise in futility.
Competitive keywords can take up to a 12 months reasonably in most instances to get (with respect to the competitors, your own backlinks as well as your competitors). It's not to say that they're going to in fact require less time, however realistic look is required so that customers don't breed false hopes or even anticipation regarding organic search. One way to find much less competitive key phrases is make use of "exact match" phrases by typing key phrases "in quotes" in the search engines to evaluate their own threshold to competitors.
If the expression offers less than 20,000 competing webpages, then that is a great target for that new site out of the box. With time it is possible to focus on more competitive terms as the site age range. Aggressive hinting that the content can focus on phrases along with 1,000,Thousand contending pages, until then, lounging the foundation in search engines (through acquiring multiple top ten ratings) and befriending the spiders is paramount to unlocking long term authority for the market.
Other factors tend to be to focus on nearby, less-competitive keywords and key phrases before you establish traction, then it becomes easier to acquire extra phrases depending on your hyperlink speed as well as momentum.
Flawless Content: your articles is your solution in order to audience as well as person engagement, with out tacky content which incorporates definitive benefits of your audience, your time on the internet is going to be relegated to the dark channels of the web in case your phone card does not have verve. The one thing distinguishing you against your competition is your brand name, and making the right web brand name versus. your off-line identity for your organization may be precisely what the doctor purchased.
We're no more in the period of the phone book, one of the ways advertising is dropping it's hold about the conditioned consumers that now comprise your audience. Discover topically associated bonuses that add value to utilize because worth propositions in order to incorporate customers externally into your internet encounter.
More importantly, individuals prefer to have an interactive experience than a passive one, so if you expect to allow the virus-like strategy work for you, then produce thrilling parallels within providers you can provide or even make sure they are fun for the masses to interact. Consequently, hyperlinks as well as user engagement will allow you to channel targeted visitors consequently.
Analytics and Statistics Data: ensure that you calculate your progress utilizing statistics to look for the that, what, where whenever and just how elements that provide the storyline behind bounce prices, how long visitors remained, exactly where these people went, the number of links these people clicked, and so on. Equipped with this information, rather than shooting in the dark, you can create particular campaigns and use specific keywords to entice traffic from a number of possible marketing channels as well as discover new keywords, subjects as well as associated markets to advertise your website.
Scalability to Utilize Proper Benefits: most of all, stay flexible as well as fluid, graph your progress every week and look for raises or reduces in keyword exercise (in addition to go back 2-3 months and see if you are still position with regard to phrases through that phase of the Search engine optimization marketing campaign). It is not always about the present, but being in a position to utilize the information in the past as the basis, in addition to predict the near future and build the necessary links to complete the goal.
Now that we now have covered the fundamentals, the only real differentiating factors for that remainder of the range of clients pointed out within the start of this article the set up off-line brand, the local or national small company or the enterprise customer are outlined beneath.
Test Search engine optimization Techniques for Each kind of Business
Off-line Companies that Need Seo services: already have a crowd, they can influence radio, print or even nearby television they are driving traffic to the net. Within doing so, they would gain in as a result of utilizing a periodic marketing (believe elf yourself) a special provide, or even starting a content associated with some sort with regard to lead generation to profit. In addition, press announcements as well as traditional one of the ways link building would be ideal to supply placement for any strong search engine campaign.
Additionally, when the company had an old who we are, what we should perform and contact all of us web site from the Nineties a brand new website overhaul wouldn't harm either to re-brand the internet company picture.
Seo services for the Local / Nationwide Small Businesses: tend to be distinctive by far my favorite to take part in for any seo campaign. There is something about being the underdog in a competitive arena which wreaks associated with problem and incentive such as not one other cure you could attempt on-line.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Let Me Tell You The Origin Of The Internet by Wowlijetgold Li

The present era Interenet has penetrated into every area of ​​our lives, whether it is a global village, solutions proposed by IBM, or Intel's digital home concept, gave the Internet to bring an overwhelming force. Maybe something one day we can not live through the Internet. However, we swim in the Internet at the same time praise the Internet huge, but who would have thought the Internet at first only a few computers in a small laboratory, and who would have thought to bring so many convenient Internet At first, indeed the war a living?
Mentioned the birth of the Internet dates back to the late 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. U.S. Department of Defense into account for traditional computer networks, once subjected to Soviet nuclear attack, destroying a military command center key of the computer, or cut off the computer and other parts of the contact network will be paralyzed, the consequences will be would be unthinkable. The military believes the need to develop a new type of computer network, when it was attacked, even if part of the network is destroyed, the rest will automatically create a new contact, and still work properly. Thus, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the construction of the host computer through a network of several U.S. military and research join together to form the ARPANET, This is the ancestor of the Internet.
Only four nodes ARPANET was built in December 1969 but it was the main idea of ​​the network is still being applied so far, they are: 1 to support resource sharing 2 distributed control technology 3 4 use packet switching communication control processor 5 layered network communication protocol. It can be said that the ARPANET network construction is quite successful. In 1972, the ARPAnet for the first time in the International Conference on the first computer background communication with the public to meet and verify the feasibility of packet switching technology. 1980, of ARPA investment TCP IP and UNIX (BSD4.1 version) of the kernel, after BSD4.2 version, TCP IP protocol, a standard communication module of the UNIX operating system. In 1983, the ARPANET network separated the formation of a purely military use of the MILNET. In January of that year, ARPA TCP IP protocol as a standard protocol of the ARPANET and subsequently, the people call the Internet Internet, the ARPAnet as the backbone of the Internet, TCPIP protocol stack to use a variety of operating on the network The system can work together.
1986 U.S. National Science Foundation, the NSF six large-scale supercomputer established the NSFNET, a new computer network based on TCP IP protocol. NSF also established a computer WAN by region and regional networks and supercomputing centers linked to, and finally to the supercomputing centers interconnected. General composition of the regional network by a group of geographically limited to a certain region, formed part of an agency or the user's computer have a common interest in economic management Internet, connecting all regions online communications node computer The high-speed data line constitutes the NSFnet backbone. This network not only allows users to connect to the network can use the resources of the supercomputer center, can also communication with any user within the network, greatly increased the efficiency of network usage and the amount of information. This great success of the NSFNET June 1990, completely replaced the ARPANET to the Internet backbone, the emergence of NSFNET, ARPANET officially completed his historic mission.
Interent high-speed development in the late 1980s from 111 nodes in 1977 soared to a rate of 2-3 times per year in subsequent years of the 56 000 nodes and fast development of the early 21st century, the Internet has already covered 154 countries, connected network more than 10,000 host up to 500 million units, nearly 50 million end users, and each year, 15-20 percent of the speed of growth. And include advertising agencies, airlines, agricultural production, art, navigation equipment, bookstores, chemicals, communications, computer, consulting, entertainment, finance and trade, shops, hotels and so on more than 100 areas of all kinds of information become society of a new culture

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The SEnuke X Review - The Ultimate SEO Tool by Jason Drohn

The big granddaddy of all automated SEO, SEnuke X, has been released. If you've loved the sheer power of SEnuke, then be ready to be blown away with the quality offered by SEnukeX. Since it was first released, the developers of SEnukeX have made everyone look differently at search engine optimization. The rules have not stayed the same. There are many different SEnukeX updates that were created to help you with the core concepts of search engine optimization. If there is one feature that makes this version unique, then it would have to be how easy it is to use. It has the same quality as the first SEnuke software. This article will go into detail about the things that SEnukeX can do on your behalf.

What makes SEnukeX different from its early version is its clean interface, less mess and its attractiveness. After much hard work, the SEnuke team has made astounding improvement to the user experience. The ease of use of the service eliminates the worry of getting lost or wasting time. Along with this, you will get your own scheduler and software that will help you schedule your submissions in advance. Your investment can be returned using this one feature which allows you to automate your promotional tasks while you spend time on more important things. SEnukeX has been made to be more firm and advanced than its previous version. For example, you'll find that when using the software, it doesn't occupy your screen space, but rather runs in the background and stays minimized in the system tray. Make sure to leave your computer on and everything will be taken care of and remain out of sight once you've scheduled your submissions. The crash rate with the SEnukeX software is at the minimum so it won't crash as often as the last one. Should a crash happen, you can still auto-resume so that it will start from where it stopped. Even if you have SenukeX running all night, you don't have to keep coming back to make sure it’s working alright-now that’s a neat feature isn't it?

To help you in various ways, you will also be given a new custom web '2.0' profile. You no longer have to share sites with every nuker, but rather have your own customized list! How does that appeal to you? You will have the ability to create several accounts and post on as many sites as you'd like with this feature. While SMF and Express engine are the platforms that are supported now, there are more being added. Automatic account creation and even uploading a profile picture is what you will see when working with this SenukeX feature. When you've completed this, drop links onto your profile pages with just a simple click. SEnuke Submitter Internet Explorer automation is no longer needed to make this happen. This creates a better user experience and targeted results for your submission campaign by working in the background. Aiming toward automating every aspect of SEO promotion, SEnukeX is the perfect choice for any webmaster or Internet marketer. The new SEnukeX is the set-and-forget SEO solution that we all have been waiting for - so don't think twice when it

The best place to learn about SEnukeX, membership courses and everything else, is this SEnukeX review.  MarkretingHackz will give you everything you need to know moving forward!