Sunday, 22 January 2012

10 Website Traffic Tips To Get More Visitors To Your Site More Often by Jeremy Gislason

One of the most important aspects of generating online income is getting traffic. Traffic is the link between you making or breaking your internet business. Getting a constant stream of unique or even return visitors is the ultimate goal. Again visitors equals exposure, which usually equates to sales or leads if your copy is compelling enough.
There are many different ways of generating traffic. Some of which are temporary solutions while others are on a more permanent basis. If you can combine these different traffic generating techniques, you can get that constant flow of visitors every online marketer is aiming for.
You can't be afraid to try different things and drop one or two things if they are not working temporarily. Testing is key! In some circumstances certain techniques will work wonders; and in other situations, those same techniques could fail miserably.
The more tests you do, the easier it will be for you to figure out exactly how, where and why you're
getting traffic in the ways you are. Knowing what your public responds to will be the goal of your campaigns.
Here are 10 proven traffic tips that will help you get more visitors to your sites more often:
Website Traffic Tip # 1: Submitting Articles
This is one of the most popular, but sometimes overlooked traffic techniques. You can write several articles and submit them to high PR (page rank) article directories. To get a list, simply search for "top article directories" in Google.
As long as you optimize your article for your chosen keywords (putting your keywords in the title and spreading them among your content), write interesting topics that entertain or inform people, and create a powerful "call-to-action" resource box, you could generate tons of constant visitors to your sites.
Website Traffic Tip # 2: Flipping Articles
Don't simply write one article and submit it to 50 directories. This is one thing you should do; but the problem with some marketers is that once they submit that one article, they tend to miss out on a whole lot of other traffic opportunities.
What you need to do is take that one article and turn it into an Ehow paper or Epinion paper. Reword it into a how to paper if it's possible and turn them all into their appropriate sites. This will
take one article and turn it into 4 or 5 separate traffic generators
And while you're at it, you can convert your articles to powerpoint presentations and upload them to Then you can even convert these powerpoints into their video version, and upload into youtube, metacafe and other video sharing sites. The possibilities are endless!
Website Traffic Tip # 3: Exchanging Links
Getting links back to your website is vital. Sounds pretty self-explanatory but people seem to have a hard time with this. Backlinks are easy to build with some effort. Exchanging links with other sites of a similar niche or theme is a great way to accomplish this technique.
Website Traffic Tip # 4: Blogging
Blogs are a fantastic way to get some good referral traffic. Yes, you can give yourself referral traffic. How? Create multiple blogs, add some good content to them, and have them all link back to your webpage.
Ping your blogs when you create them and every time you make a new post. This will not only put backlinks on your website, but it will put a proverbial web of your content on the net all linking to
your main site.
Website Traffic Tip # 5: Social Bookmarking and Networking
Sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller and Delicious allow you to bookmark and share almost any
information you'd like to. By placing your website and blogs all over these very popular social bookmarking sites, you are bound to create a following.
However, make sure you mix your bookmarks with much more non-self-serving sites than your own sites, as most bookmarking sites prohibit any kind of marketing activity. By posting more non-self-serving sites and joining online groups and conversations, you could avoid being tagged as a spammer and even become a valuable member of the community.
Website Traffic Tip # 6: Posting In Forums
When you become a member of forums, some will allow you to create what they call a signature file. This signature can contain your name and links to your blogs, articles or webpages. (Note: Make sure the forum allows you to add a signature file by reading their policies or checking in on other users; otherwise, you might get accused of spamming and have your account suspended.)
You can post a reply to a question or problem someone is having; and after they read your post they may want to know more and click on your link.
You need to be informative and helpful when forum posting. If you throw up one or two lines that no one can really use, they are not likely to find out what else you have to say. These links in your signature also count as backlinks to your sites.
Website Traffic Tip # 7: Submitting Press Releases
This is another great way to get direct organic traffic, but is widely overlooked. A press release can get the word out quickly and efficiently about your website and what you're offering. Search for "top press release sites" on Google to get a good list.
Website Traffic Tip # 8: Posting On Related Blogs
Just as if you were posting on forums, you could find related blogs and comment on them. If you enjoy what the person is saying, tell them so and leave a link to your site or blogs. They might check it out and enjoy what you have to say; thus starting a whole new side of traffic.
I've even seen people start a few arguments just to get more traffic to come and join in the
conversation, pulling people into their site. This is not recommended though, as your aim is to build up and protect your reputation and credibility.
Website Traffic Tip # 9: Using Craigslist
Ever popular Craigslist is an amazing way of advertising yourself or your business. People are going there to find anything and everything these days; so why don't you get a piece of that action? Posting some good information with your website link in it is a great way to attract new visitors.
Website Traffic Tip # 10: Offline Advertising
Most people think that just because they are making a business online that the "real" world doesn't matter anymore. Well that couldn't be further from the truth.
You can print out business cards and even post flyers around some highly traveled areas of your city. You'd be amazed at who will check you out. Don't think just because you're online, all of your efforts have to be as well.
Traffic is the number one concern of anyone trying to make money online. There are many ways to do this and some work better than others. Using good keywords and paying attention to what's working for you and your site will determine how well you do.
Traffic generation is not a secret but it is an "art" that needs to be practiced. There is no magic traffic button. To gain the volume you want or need in your business will take some work. Using these easy traffic methods will put more visitors on your pages.
Test and test again and you will find what works; then you won't need to worry about a magic button because you'll have generated all the traffic you want.