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The SEnuke X Review - The Ultimate SEO Tool by Jason Drohn

The big granddaddy of all automated SEO, SEnuke X, has been released. If you've loved the sheer power of SEnuke, then be ready to be blown away with the quality offered by SEnukeX. Since it was first released, the developers of SEnukeX have made everyone look differently at search engine optimization. The rules have not stayed the same. There are many different SEnukeX updates that were created to help you with the core concepts of search engine optimization. If there is one feature that makes this version unique, then it would have to be how easy it is to use. It has the same quality as the first SEnuke software. This article will go into detail about the things that SEnukeX can do on your behalf.

What makes SEnukeX different from its early version is its clean interface, less mess and its attractiveness. After much hard work, the SEnuke team has made astounding improvement to the user experience. The ease of use of the service eliminates the worry of getting lost or wasting time. Along with this, you will get your own scheduler and software that will help you schedule your submissions in advance. Your investment can be returned using this one feature which allows you to automate your promotional tasks while you spend time on more important things. SEnukeX has been made to be more firm and advanced than its previous version. For example, you'll find that when using the software, it doesn't occupy your screen space, but rather runs in the background and stays minimized in the system tray. Make sure to leave your computer on and everything will be taken care of and remain out of sight once you've scheduled your submissions. The crash rate with the SEnukeX software is at the minimum so it won't crash as often as the last one. Should a crash happen, you can still auto-resume so that it will start from where it stopped. Even if you have SenukeX running all night, you don't have to keep coming back to make sure it’s working alright-now that’s a neat feature isn't it?

To help you in various ways, you will also be given a new custom web '2.0' profile. You no longer have to share sites with every nuker, but rather have your own customized list! How does that appeal to you? You will have the ability to create several accounts and post on as many sites as you'd like with this feature. While SMF and Express engine are the platforms that are supported now, there are more being added. Automatic account creation and even uploading a profile picture is what you will see when working with this SenukeX feature. When you've completed this, drop links onto your profile pages with just a simple click. SEnuke Submitter Internet Explorer automation is no longer needed to make this happen. This creates a better user experience and targeted results for your submission campaign by working in the background. Aiming toward automating every aspect of SEO promotion, SEnukeX is the perfect choice for any webmaster or Internet marketer. The new SEnukeX is the set-and-forget SEO solution that we all have been waiting for - so don't think twice when it

The best place to learn about SEnukeX, membership courses and everything else, is this SEnukeX review.  MarkretingHackz will give you everything you need to know moving forward!


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Are You At Risk of Being Ripped Off by WoW Guides?...The 6 Rules to Never Get Ripped Off! by Steve Schwartz

Are You At Risk of Being Scammed by WoW Guides?...The #6 Rules to Make Sure you Never Get Scammed!
If you have ever searched around the web looking for information about World of Warcraft on any of the large databases like Thottbot and Wowhead. Then you have seen adds for products advertising for either a wow power leveling guide or something that sounds like wow fast leveling guide. These can be scams as a buddy of mine unfortunately figured out. So how do you prevent getting scammed and actually receive all the benefits these guides promise. Even with all the scammers that exist there are decent written guides and the few mind blowing guides that feature great wow leveling guide addon that interfaces directly with the game itself. The facts are the scammers are pretty predictable and while that are able to really convince you that there guides are the best in some situations. These tips I give you will really help to put there promises of the best leveling guide, the ultimate wow guide, wow power leveling guide or their claims of wow fast leveling into perspective. Are you excited to Find Out How to Make Sure you Never Get Scammed!
The #6 Rules to Make Sure you Never Get Scammed!:
#1 Always do your research and double check a few different sources on what the guide promises.
#2 Find a friend! What I mean is there are always people looking into or buying guides all the time. Try asking friends or your guild mates.
#3 Does it look fishy? Most of the scammers don't spend must time making the website look like a really business, but they attempt to prey on your mistakes. Go with your gut if the payment or the website doesn't seem to feel right back out.
#4 Can you get your money back? Lets say you decide to buy a guide that looks legit. Make sure they offer and talk about policies in which if your not satisfied you will get your money back. Make sure they have a money back guarantee!
#5 Do they have customer support? They must have some sort of customer service if they don't its a red flag that you will never get your money back.
#6 Some guides advertise that you will receive complete future updates on there guide free of charge once you buy the guide. They make all these promises to give you this or that down the road. The sad truth is unless they are a larger and more reputable guide this is unlikely to happen since some of the smaller less professional guide companies just go belly up.
Now that your armed with the six rules it will prevent you from following into the WoW Guide Scammers Traps.

Friday, 27 July 2012

You Can Build a Recession Proof Income by Pete Egeler

Even in today�s economic climate, those willing to put forth a bit of effort can find a very simple, yet profitable way to build a solid income.

It�s no secret. Times are tough, and things may get tougher before they get better. If things are looking dim where you are, lay-off, shut downs, etc., now is the time to make a move toward financial stability.

Chances are that most folks have a little bit of Internet know-how, in one area or another. If you�re one of those folks, you have a leg up on the competition. If you don�t, then it�s time to learn a few things. What you can�t learn, can be handled by hiring others to do the work for you.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of local businesses right where you live, that will be willing to pay you top dollar to help them boost their client base and income.

Many, many businesses have websites. And, to be quite honest these websites are just about useless. They don�t do what a website should do: Build a client base, and increase the business�s bottom line income. That�s where you can help.

You can build a solid income by being �the person� in your town to turn things around for local businesses. As an e-Commerce Business Consultant, you job is to show these businesses how to turn their websites into moneymakers. And, right now that�s exactly what they need.

Most local websites are in dire need of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work. They lack a solid page title, description, keywords, etc. All of these are very important to a business that want�s to draw people to their websites.

If you can design web pages, you�re in great shape to re-do your client�s poorly constructed site. You could offer a totally new website, or offer to �clean up� the one your prospect has now. But, if you don�t have this knowledge you can always hire someone else to do the work to your specifications.

I had my first client in less than a week after starting, and my contacts were made by email, snail mail, and telephone. If you like to sell (though �selling� is a real turn-off in this business,) you can also hit the streets, calling on local business owners in person.

Age doesn�t matter. Sex doesn�t matter. Location doesn�t matter. All you have to do is resolve to get off your easy chair, and get to work.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Invest in Diamonds – Reap the Benefits of the Most Lucrative Investment Commodity by Walt Yoast

Looking to invest in diamonds? The future is full of potential for brilliant appreciation as the sparkle of diamonds continues to fascinate men and women of all ages. The demand is growing is such large proportions that the mines are unable to keep pace. The price rise is therefore not artificial or fabricated but reflects a genuine demand for the most precious and preferred gem in the market.
When you invest in diamonds, the growth of your investment value will always be consistent. It is not likely to fluctuate as wildly as the stocks and bonds market. Diamonds are the way to go if you are looking for an investment that will fetch you handsome returns in the long run. Diamonds are always sold by quality and weight. The grading is done on an international scale and accepted in all parts of the world. So, no matter which part of the world you want to sell your diamonds, they will get you the right returns based on the grading.
Diamonds are the preferred investment vehicle of most big time investors because they are easier to buy and sell than most of the other commodities. They are bought and sold at relatively fixed margins. The certification that you get when you purchase diamonds, loose or rare, will ensure that you get the perfect price.
Somehow, diamonds set in jewelry are not considered a good investment decision. The highest grade and quality of diamonds are almost always sold separately. If your budget is not very big, you can consider investing in small, loose stones. The bigger the diamond, the more expensive it will be. However, smaller stones are also available in the finest quality and can fetch you great returns in the long term.
Some diamonds have interesting stories attached to them and can be the cause of their spectacular costs. Big investors sometimes spend fortunes trying to get their hands on such gems. When you invest in diamonds with a history behind it, there are good chances of getting stunning prices when you want to sell them and go liquid. However, most of the times such stones are sold to private collectors of repute and cannot be found in the open market.
Invest in diamonds if you are looking for greater value for your investments. You must take the help of experts in diamond investment and trading so that you can make the right decision and cut down on the risk factors.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Your complete guide to investing in Diamonds and diamond price estimation. by Diamond Guru

Diamonds present investors with an interesting choice in the tangible asset class. Durable and universally prized, diamonds are good retainers of value, and can present shrewd investment opportunities for the canny investor. If you already own diamonds, estimate their current diamond price.
Throughout history, diamonds have been sought after not only for aesthetics, but also because they can be very sound investments. To understand the potential of diamonds as assets, it is important to understand why the world values them.
Diamonds have intrinsic value: While diamonds have many unique properties, their primary and objective merit lies in the fact that they are the hardest substances on earth, and last virtually for ever.

Diamonds are highly portable: For all their value, diamonds can easily be concealed and carried, and in times of war or threat, diamonds have invariably been the only precious items that fleers have been able to retain.
Diamonds carry their value all over the world: Diamonds are currency and country agnostic, and hold their value anywhere in the world.

Investing in diamonds:
How are diamonds priced? Unlike gold or other commodity, there is no simple price-per-gram system for deciding diamond price. However, the diamond industry refers to international diamond pricing guides that price diamonds according to colour, cut, clarity, carat weight and other parameters.

Do diamonds appreciate in value? Yes, diamonds do appreciate in value, but this is truer of larger solitaires than of small stones. Certain kinds of diamonds are better bets in terms of value appreciation than others.

For example, the round brilliant cut is considered the best choice for diamond investors. Fancy shapes like the princess-cut, heart-shape and cushion cuts are fashionable choices for jewellery, but do not hold value as well as the ever popular round brilliant-cut diamond.
What about quality? It is true that higher the grade, higher the value of diamonds, but the highest-grade diamonds are not necessarily the best investments. In fact, diamonds in the upper mid range (clean and a good colour) are the most �current�, i.e., the most bought and sold, which means they are more liquid than the highest grade stones. For example, it is typically easier to sell an H colour, VVS or SI clarity stone, than a D colour stone of flawless clarity.
Most importantly, an investor should only buy diamonds certified by international grading agencies like the GIA, IGI, HRD, or AGS. Certificates bear detailed descriptions of the stones, including unique traits that form the �thumbprint� of the stone. Labs also offer laser inscription services, which makes a diamond readily identifiable. In any case, certified diamonds are easier to sell, since uncertified diamonds will need a full, fresh appraisal, invariably at the seller�s expense.
As a tangible, durable asset class with high intrinsic value, diamonds are excellent value holders that form a good hedge investment to retain money value, especially in uncertain and inflationary times. Although they are not a conventional choice for those seeking a quick profit, a shrewd and patient investor can reap handsome gains if he exploits the unique potential of diamonds as investments.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How to Buy a Home in Today’s Market When You Have Bad Credit or Limited Funds by Daniel M Croke

It is no secret that it is difficult to purchase a home when you have bad credit or are offering a low down payment. While there is much truth to such a statement, it would not be completely accurate to say it is impossible to purchase a home when you are in such a position. All you need is the right insight into how to deal with such limitations so they no longer are, well, limiting.
Generally, if your credit is poor and you have not filed for bankruptcy or have been previously been foreclosed upon, there will be options available to you. While not the most "glowing" options, they can help you set the stage for purchasing your own home.
The most basic plan to follow would be to seek out a bad credit lender. As the name would imply, such a lender is known for providing loans to those with poor credit scores and limited liquidity. Such lenders are commonly referred as sub-prime lenders and they are still out there despite news reports to the contrary. However, they have become a little more stringent in terms of their conditions than they were in the past. You will probably not find a subprime lender still willing to provide a mortgage with zero down payments or no income verification. However, they may still be open to lending to someone that traditional lenders would consider a risk.
Those with available liquid cash and assets but a poor credit score may be able to procure a bad credit mortgage by seeking out hard money lenders. Such lenders may agree to a loan if you opt to put forth a very high down payment. Mainly, paying a 20% or 30% down payment would be the common required figure. Yes, this is a very steep amount of money to pay. However, it will expand mortgage options to those whose options were previously limited.
Regardless of whether you make a large down payment or not, if you have bad credit then you will end up paying a much higher interest rate on your mortgage. There is no way to avoid this because people with poor credit are considered lending risks. However, it is best look at the positive side of the equation: at least with high interest rate loans, there are options available and it is certainly better to have some options open than none at all. Also, the terms with a hard money lender may not be the most favorable and you could end up dealing with difficult adjustable rate terms. Again, while not the best options, the availability of such options does open doors for opportunity. Consider that a somewhat positive development.
It is also possible to look towards the Federal Housing Authority for help. The FHA can make it more affordable to acquire a new home even if you have filed bankruptcy in the past. Basically, if two years have passed since the filing of the bankruptcy, the FHA can help facilitate a loan with as low as 3.5% down to qualified applicants.
Now, if you have not filed for bankruptcy and have poor credit, you do not have the specter of bankruptcy remaining on your credit report. That means you can take effective steps to improve your credit score which, in turn, will open many more doors for mortgage approvals as a result.
If you're watchful, study the market where you are buying you can find the money without needing a lot of cash or credit utilizing creative buying strategies. The supply of investment properties at rock bottom prices are plentiful in a lot of areas in the country such as Cleveland OH. However it won't last forever. You need to jump on this opportunity while it lasts

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Show Me The Colour Of Money And I Will Follow You: How To Spot Genuine Internet Money Making Systems by Mr McIntosh T

Bill Gates, of Microsoft,( IT), Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, (stock and shares), Richard Branson of Virgin, (airlines, transport, and investments) Lackshmi Mittal, Indian steel mogul, Donald Trump, (property investments) Oprah Winfrey, (television), Roman Abramovich (steel, investments), the South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe, (Mining), and the Nigerian Billionaire Alico Dangote, (sugar, cement, flour) and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, one of the youngest billionaires, all have one common trait, they are money magnets, they are listed on the Forbes rich list and all at one time were like you and me, an average Joe. Wealth came with them using different formulas, in diverse or similar industries. Their beings possess magnetic properties-dormant powers of attraction, which are ignited by ferocious commitment. Give yourself permission to dream a big dream and the rest will follow. Yes, there are genuine money making systems on the internet.

How You Can Zero In On The Right System And The Right Money Making Product On The Internet
Today I am not going to delve much into the personal backgrounds of the above billionaires but I am going to share with you how you can zero in on the right system and the right money making product on the internet. Like me you have typed in �internet business� or �internet income� in your internet search engines and what do you get? Millions and millions of results with millions of gimmicks and scams all siphoning the little cash you have spared to try and make money on the internet. Now, how then can you know this is the right system or product? I will, instead pose another question, how then did people like Mark Zuckerberg become a billionaire via the internet? Could it be he was so lucky, could it be he stumbled on a pile of cash, or could it be he was so meticulous in his planning and approach to things in a way which is so different from the way you and me do. To an extend, yes, but not completely.
Tap Into Your Dormant Powers Of Attraction
You have got to tap into your dormant powers of attraction. Think money and you attract money. Associate with like minded people and you get like minded ideas. Interact with people who have seen it all, talk to someone who is already having what you are looking for. Among other things, these personal traits are paramount;
-unwavering determination to succeed,
-fear of failure,
-unbridled belief in one�s abilities and capabilities.
How Many Business Articles Have You Read On The Internet And Abandoned Halfway Through?
Back to billionaires again, Bill Gates, was intelligent enough to study and finish his degree but a burning desire from within propelled him to abandon college and focus on his passion, creating a model to a PC for every single home in world, the birth of Microsoft. Did he not face setbacks? Did he not get discouragement? Was what he was embarking on tried and tested on the market before? He faced all sorts of setbacks like we do in our everyday life. So what then catapulted him to riches beyond imagination? Focus, unbridled belief in one�s abilities and capabilities, and sheer determination to succeed and get rich. You too can do it, yes you can, because the universe is fundamentally abundant, awash with money, no shortage except in ones own mind. As I have mentioned earlier hang around with like-minded people you will get like-minded ideas.
The Birth Of A Mobile Phone And Now Apple�s iPad
Let�s take for example the birth of the mobile phone, some 25 years or so ago, to the majority of the world population you would have been considered insane, had you suggested you could speak to someone using a cordless mobile gadget, but today almost every corner of the globe someone has a mobile phone. How about Apple�s iPad inspired by Microsoft? You too can decide to become wealthy or to start making money now, and the Universe will cheerfully provide. The mobile phone industry is now a multi-billion pound industry. It all starts from nothing, in the beginning there was your mother, father and nothing, and now there is you, the universe cheerfully provided. A thought, an idea, manifested, lets have a child and who is breathing now, You in existence, period.
Yes You Can Manifest A Thought But Still How Can You Start Making Money?
I challenge you today, believe and proclaim that everything is there for you in abundance. My father once told me that we are what we repeatedly do. If we constantly think of abundance we will end up being in abundance. The Reverent Martin Luther King had a dream and he turned that dream into words and words became reality. In the United Kingdom and now in the USA, take for example Simon Cowell, the UK television guru, he personally confesses that he disliked school when young but he had a dream, he manifested it, took it up to the people he felt could make it a reality, at first a prominent broadcaster reject it, but the conviction Simon had did not deter him. He went to another, and the rest is history, who does not know The X-factor, today? There are other easier ways and very easy to start generating income if you have access to a PC or Laptop, thanks to the internet.
Every Successful Person Has A Mentor; The Quickest Way To Internet Riches Is To Have A Mentor
Starting to surf the internet, you want to hit the right income generating system on the first click but to use the old adage, its like looking for a live fish on dry land. I started searching for internet money making systems blindly and I lost money, thousands of pounds to internet scams, at one time I lost �2500 to an internet property investment company where they were telling us that you could buy a property without putting any of your money, true to an extend but the situation does not apply to everyone, and I was not one of them. I also lost �1800 to an internet marketer who promised that he would do everything for us including website creation and giving us the products to sell on that website, and ours was just to rake in the profits. It turned out that it was not that simple and I did not make any penny from it. I learned the hard way.

I say to you, today, get the right mentor and you have joined the internet profits stream, simple. On the search for prosperity via the web, I narrowed my focus on sports spreads and stumbled on a website where a Cornell University PhD graduate in statistics called John Morrison at http//:wealthwisdomtoday.com, who discovered an unbeatable sport betting system that's been producing 97% win rate over the last 25 years of sports! Yes, its true. For the first time, John was releasing his unbreakable sports betting system to the market, I tried it and the rest is history. The internet is awash with money but know where to put the funnel and trap it.
Mr McIntosh T-
Internet Income Systems Researcher

About the Author

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Using Postcards Via Direct Mail To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Yoursite by Ken Eschman

How excited would you be if you could have a sales force of 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or more people selling on your behalf in just a few weeks from today?

Well...now you can. As in any business it's important to advertise. One of the most exciting parts about our program is you have unlimited potential in an industry with over 14,000,000 potential prospects. One of the common questions people ask; "Is it saturated?"

First, competition is healthy in any business. If your next-door neighbor were doing this it wouldn't matter because this is a NATIONWIDE market of millions of prospects. Competition can be good in any industry. You are not trying to corner the market. It's about getting the chance to get a piece of it.

For this reason, your may choose to use one of the most effective mediums to advertise: Direct Mail. Now there is an art to direct mail. Direct mail as recognized and coined by one of America's direct mail legends is "salesmanship in print." One of the best ways to start testing inexpensively in to use Postcard mailings.

You can print a 2 sided postcard for about 2 cents a card. Add postage at the discounted rate and you're in business. In addition, you can find the exact type of prospect you're looking for, someone who's a buyer of what you have to offer.
You can actually puchase lists of these buyers for about $100 per thousand (5000
name minimum is the industry standard.)

If you find a hot list or two that works, you can then target those lists over and over to maximize thier revenue potenial.

A great place to look at the thousands of list available is a list directory called the SRDS guide. The SRDS guide stands for Standard Rate and Data Servcie Guide. It's a directory of lists with the criteria and information about the clients who ordered.
Things like dollar amount spent, income, zip code, male, female, and other demographic information gives you a greater chance to target in on your ideal prospect.

Once you have those hungry prospects coming to you website in large numbers you will quickly generate large sums of cash consistently month in and month out.
Even while you Sleep! The program I use the do all the heavy lifting for me and just send me those big checks is the same one you can use. The program not only does all the selling for you but has actual people that your customers will speak with when they call in. Plus you have great support if you have questions and marketing advise. The whole program in fully 100% guaranteed to work for...
get this... ONE YEAR or your money back. No risk, great support, no selling,profit sent to you consistently.

You can get on the road to financial independence today. We have cracked the code and taken the mystery out of making money on the Internet. This system puts money in your pocket in 14 days or less! Builds Passive Income. Call today to learn about our RISK FREE PROGRAM at: 1-800-719-8268 ext. 3914.

P.S. To get over $250 in FREE Bonuses included with your Business and Wesite, must take action within the next 72 hours. So call 1-800-719-8268 ext. 3914 right now or visit http://www.24hourwebcash.com/eschman3914 before It's too late.

If you would like more information about the above training
Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime

KLE Marketing Enterprises
6280 San Ignacio Ave. Suite E
San Jose, CA 95119
Ken Eschman 408-529-8148

Turn-Key High Profit Low Risk /Cost -Home Businesses


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Email Marketing: 10 Tips For Success With Email Marketing by Danny Fortune

Tip # 1:
Never Spam!
Send your emails only to people who have specifically requested them, either directly or through an opt-in form that they completed where they provided you with their name and email address.
Spamming others is a federal offense and is punishable by severe penalties including fines of up to $ 250,000 and prison sentences of up to 10 years. Don't do it!
Tip # 2:
Send only content that is relevant to what the person requested.
For example, if you are promoting a site on "how to lose weight" then only send them information on that topic, and on nothing else, like "how to stop smoking", or "how to increase your credit score". You cannot assume that anyone seeking information on losing weight is also interested in receiving information on stopping smoking, or anything else, unless they specifically request that information from you, either directly or through another opt-in form that you may be advertising on another product.
If you send information that they did not request, the person will remove themselves from your mailing list and you may end up facing a spam complaint to boot.
Information that is directly related to your program or offer and which is helpful to your reader is acceptable.
For example, if you are promoting a how to lose weight product and you have information about a new and highly popular diet program that was just released, you can send that information along to your reader as it applies directly to the topic of how to lose weight.
Tip # 3:
Set up a regular mailing schedule and stick to it.
You can decide on daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the frequency of the email promotion that you have or on the ads that you have placed which originally attracted your readers. Your readers will become familiar with your mailing frequency and expect the emails in their inbox. In this way, you will begin to develop trust and credibility as someone who delivers on what they promise. Don't vary your mailing schedule once you set it up.
A suggestion that I have seen from other experienced marketers and which produces better results for them is to send your emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays as these days are more likely to have your mail opened by the readers. Stay away from mailing on Mondays and Fridays for obvious reasons like the weekend factor, concentration is not on work, etc..
Tip # 4:
Set up your "from name" in all your email sequences and keep it the same throughout all your mailings to that list.
As your readers begin to expect your emails at the regularly scheduled times we spoke of in tip # 3 they will begin to look for your name in the "from" area of their email inbox and open your email before all others. If you do not have a consistent name in the "from" box, your readers may not open the email and delete it. Experience tells me that my readers look for my name in their inbox and open my emails first before looking at any others.
I also have fallen into that habit as I scan my inbox for emails from individuals that I trust and respect and I will open their emails first. Chances are that you do the same thing too.
Tip # 5:
Always create your email messages in both the HTML and the plain text formats.
If you choose to send emails in only the HTML format a percentage of your readers will receive your messages as a blank message because their email program will not be able to properly display HTML code in its email pages.
By preparing your messages in both formats you ensure that all your readers receive your messages in readable form - and that is good for both your reader and for you!
Tip # 6:
Never use all capital letters in your email messages.
Tip # 7:
Do not use exclamation marks in your email messages to excess!
Messages like this with exclamation marks are not always good! Everything cannot be written with an exclamation mark! Life is not always in urgent mode! Do not use them excessively! It is not good grammar! Your readers will think you are exaggerating! Don't do it!
You get the point, right? Only use exclamation marks when you have something truly urgent to communicate.
In addition to appearing very unprofessional to your readers, any of your messages that have excess exclamation marks or other poor grammar practices will be blocked by the spam filters in all email program providers.
Tip # 8:
Resist the temptation to trick spam filters as they will catch on and identify you as a spammer.
Changing highly spam-related words like "free" to "f.r.e.e." or "fr/ee" will not trick your readers' email provider's spam filters who employ staff to regularly monitor and manage their spam filters to identify these attempts to trick their software and get by the spam controls. Once you are identified as a "spammer" your messages will from that point on become blocked and you will never be able to get anything through the safeguards again, even tough you are not spamming and the reader has actually requested the information your are providing.
Keep it professional and remember to write your messages for the human that is going to receive and read them.
You would not think to exchange the word "free" to "f/r/e/e/" if you were writing to your grandmother in a snail mail type letter, so why would you change that word in an email sequence that you have being sent to your subscribers?
Tip # 9:
Always be on the alert for additional ways to build your mailing list.
You can do many things to attract readers to your sites and once there, to entice them into giving you their name and email address.
You can add a subscription form to your site or blog. You can ask for permission to add them to your list when exchanging business cards. You can use a sign in sheet to an open house in the case of a brick and mortar business. You can stick a magnetic sign to your car advertising your business and where readers can leave their email address for more information. You can place your opt in information on your checks when paying utility bills or other services.
The list is only as short or as long as your imagination.
Tip # 10:
Track your messages to determine your click-throughs.
Use an ad tracker to determine which of your messages are being opened. In this way you will be able to determine how successful your ad campaigns are and then change you can tweak anything that is not working for you. Using an ad tracker will allow you to quickly learn which of your messages are being opened and which are not and with that information you can tweak those headlines to a better quality and attention grabbing message.
In this way you will be able to better improve your marketing efforts and over the long run increase your readership and sales.
Tip # 11:
I know this was a 10 tip method of improving your email marketing success, but I couldn't resist adding one more tip.
I hope you don't mind.
That tip is quite simply this.
Do not use cheap resources to send your messages. Free service providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, and Sendfree while being very good products for the beginner and for those who have budgetary limitations are not recommended for the experienced and savvy online marketer.
Your image is the most important thing that your readers come to rely on so don't be trying to send your messages using any free service provider as it sends the wrong message. These free service providers have competing ads running on your sites when you use them and that tells your readers that you are a newbie or someone who does not take their business seriously.
Stick to the professional service providers that are not free, but that can your deliver ad-free messages to your readers.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Training and Knowledge: The Keys to Making Money Online by Eric Frye

The main problem with making money online is that people expect too much from too little. They want to make huge profits out of little or no investment or they want something that is completely automated. Basically, they want something that just doesn't exist.
My concern is that people don't have the training and the knowledge that they need to understand how to make money online and market successfully.
Most people don't succeed because they simply give up. They have high expectations but insufficient knowledge of how to make money online thinking that they will magically be in profit overnight. They also don't realize that building an online presence is a process and if done right, will take time, but can lead to great financial security in the future.
Finding a good program, product or service is an essential first step in the quest to make money online. Making money online isn't easy so acquiring the training to market that program, product or service is important as well. Having a good product to promote is agood start. But if no one knows about it, that product is worthless.
From my research one program that stands out is the Independent Profit Center. At a $249 price point it is low investment. It also offers great profit potential as each sale you make nets you $200. But the biggest asset is the training and support provided. The training program is very extensive and includes where and how to post ads, how to build your prospect list and how to treat those prospects, where to find and use free forms of advertising, as well as using paid forms of advertising to their highest potential. You also get tremendous support from the founder by phone, email and live training sessions.
Especially when you are new to Internet marketing, obtaining this training and support can be the difference between giving up quickly from frustration and making great money online.
When researching how to make money online you need to be serious about putting in the work and getting the help that you are going to need. Building the knowledge of marketing online will only help you in the long run. A little training and a little knowledge go a long way.
To find information on the Independent Profit Center click here.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

3 Unusual Keys to Using Ebooks to Make a Living by Umar Tariq

We are living in the most exciting time in history to be a writer, to publish your ideas, to make a living helping others.
It's incredible because:
It's easier than ever before to publish your ideas.
Publishing a book can be done by anyone.
Good ideas rise to the top in this new idea marketplace.
There are no limits to how you publish ideas -- books are just one option.
You no longer need permission to get your ideas out, and you're not limited by shelf space.
You don't need money to be a publisher.
And that's just the start of it.
But how do you create and publish an ebook? How do you get people to buy it? That can be confusing, but in four years of publishing books, ebooks, courses and more, I've learned a few things most people don't tell you.
I'll share some of what I've learned here, in hopes that it'll help you get your ideas out there, and in the process, start making a living doing what you love.
1. Ebooks can be simpler than you think. Many people are intimidated by publishing an ebook, or put it off for months (or years) because it seems too hard. It's not. It can be as simple as gathering your best information on solving a problem you've already published on your blog, perhaps expanding, updating or refining it, and putting it in an order that makes sense for learning that topic. It could be gathering reader questions on a topic and simply answering them in short chapters -- I've done this and written an ebook in just a few days, by keeping the scope of the problem very limited. It could be scheduling webinars once a week on various aspects of a problem, and either charging for the webinars or making them free, and then using those as content for your product. It could be a very simple ebook (10-15 pages) to start with, and then expanded to a series of ebooks, a larger ebook, or a full digital package that includes audio and video -- and you can expand even after you've started selling the product.
Once you have the content, publishing can be really simple -- you can use a simple program like Word (PC) or Pages (Mac), publish as a PDF, and you're done. You can expand on this with other formats (Kindle, epub, video, audio) but you don't need to do that to start. Publishing an ebook or digital product can be very complicated if you make it so, but it doesn't have to be. Keep it simple and get your ideas out there.
2. Launches, landing pages, and mailing lists are NOT what's important. This is something many online marketing types won't tell you, because they've found some success building up massive mailing lists, creating huge launches, crafting the perfect landing pages. And yes, to some extent, that stuff works. But in the end, they are trying to convince people to buy something who don't want to buy something. That's the wrong approach. Instead, build a relationship with people who want to read what you have to share, and base that relationship on trust. If people trust you, you don't need to sell to them. If they already are in a relationship with you, they don't need social proof or testimonials or before and after photos. They already know you put out good stuff, and they already want to read more from you. When you've accomplished that, you need to do minimal selling, and your landing pages can be nothing but a simple list of what you get when you buy the product.
How do you build this relationship based on trust with readers? That's the hard part, but also the easy part. Put out great stuff on a regular basis on your blog. You might already be doing that. Here's the important part: always put your readers first. Pop-ups that encourage them to sign up for your mailing list, a ton of ads, social buttons and widgets all over the place -- these things and more tell the reader that you care more about their email address or sharing your stuff on their Facebook page or advertising dollars than you do about what they want. Don't do any of that, and instead, give them what they want and get out of their way. They will begin to trust you, and so when you do put out a product (especially if you do it in a non-spammy, non-markety way), they will say, "All right. I trust Leo, I know this is going to help me, and it's designed to solve a problem I want to solve." You don't need to sell.
3. There are no rules. I like to write, so I create ebooks. Other people are better at making videos, so they make a video product. Others like doing live webinars. There is no limit to how you create your product, but it really should solve a problem that people want solved. Want to make a simple PDF and nothing more? Awesome. Want to add some instructional screencasts, or workbooks, or quick guides, or interviews with experts? Even better. Want the entire thing to be online, so people can read the articles and watch videos on your site, and you can update the product at any time? Great idea! Want to have live weekly calls with you, or interactive forums? Easily done! Want it to be a membership program, paid monthly, with monthly webinars or fresh content? Well, I'm sure you can guess whether that's possible.
There are also no rules for pricing -- it can be free, $1.99, $20, $49, or $597 if you like. Figure out what it's worth to people to solve that problem -- it's worth much more to help them pass the bar exam than it is to help them fix a broken faucet.
There are no rules for anything. You, like the rest of us, will be making it up as you go, figuring out what works best for you and your readers. You will make mistakes, and it will not end your world. That's the liberating thing: there are no rules, and there's no such thing as bad mistakes. You are free to do anything, and mistakes just help you get better.
Ebook Mastery Course
Mary Jaksch and I have created a course called Ebook Mastery for the A-List Blogging Bootcamps.
We're looking forward to helping you create your first (or best) ebook or digital product.
What you get with this course:
The course teaches you the simple abc steps for choosing the best eBook topic; planning and writing your eBook; and designing and publishing your eBook.
You'll have interaction and support via an online forum, from the course teachers, from forum moderators with experience in creating profitable eBooks.
You can ask questions live, and get them answered, in weekly live video webinars by Leo Babauta, Mary Jaksch, and other superstar guest experts.
Each week you'll get a new module of content aimed at teaching you the specifics of creating an eBook from beginning to end including:
Articles with specific strategies and actions for determining a viable topic, outlining your content and writing plan; creating a writing style that is best for your readers; and specifics on designing and publishing your product.
Recommendations and statistics on pricing your eBook.
Case studies by people from regular bloggers like you who have created successful and profitable eBooks.
Videos, podcasts, and expert interviews to motivate you and help you stay on track with writing and completing your eBook.
Assignments, resources, and planning materials to help you stay organized and focused while working on your eBook.
Your own eBook that you have created (or started to create) during this course that you can sell right away

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to Earn $50,000 a Year Self-Publishing for Free on Amazon’s Kindle by Rose Smith

Why try self-publishing on Amazon? This company sells more Kindle ereaders than any other product. Kindle sales are booming. Jared Newman of PC World.com estimates Amazon sold more than one million devices a week for three weeks straight in the 2011 holiday season. Yet, a mere 3 to 4 percent of readers have switched to ereaders. This market is still growing with plenty of room for resourceful freelance writers.
The $50,000 Formula
Basically, 6 ebooks or ereports you self-publish on Amazon listed at $4.99 selling 200 each per month can earn $5,988, or $71,856 annually. Authors receive 70 percent. Here are the 8 steps to raking in $50,000 per year self-publishing on Kindle:
1) Find Your Niche-This step is crucial. Without it, you won't sell many books. Amazon posts millions of titles and some authors haven't even sold one book. Finding well-selling niches calls for finding subjects Kindle readers are already interested in. Look over Kindle's bestseller list for topic ideas.
2) Write Your Manuscript- Solve problems with your topics. Non-fiction bestsellers on Kindle show readers how to solve problems ranging from improving photography skills, earning more money or creating a thriving garden.
3) Create One Website for Each Niche-Say you write six titles in the "improve your photography" category. Develop one website for your photography niche and promote all your titles in one place. A niche website helps you identify your brand.
4) Open One Amazon Associate Account-Signing up as an Amazon associate through Amazon.com serves as an excellent way for you to introduce other recommended reads through Amazon that tie-in with your book. Create a resource page promoting all your works and books by other Kindle authors your website users may want to look into.
5) Self Publish on Kindle-Kindle's program will accept manuscripts written in Word, ePub, Plain Text, Zipped HTML, Adobe PDF and Mobipocket manuscripts. POD--Publishing On Demand publishers charge a fee for this however, publishing on Kindle is absolutely free; it's also very easy.
6) Sign-up for KDP Select-Amazon Prime offers members special perks. One allows members to borrow books through Kindle's Lending Library. Entering your Kindle works in the program will help create book buzz which typically results in more sales.
7) Promote, Promote, Promote-Readers can't buy what they don't know exists. Promotion equates to sales. Plenty of online opportunities to market your works including blogging, article marketing and social marketing are literally at your fingertips.
8) Rinse and Repeat-Once you write your manuscript and create a successful marketing campaign, simply repeat the process. Announce upcoming works on your website. Continue growing your brand. Success doesn't typically happen overnight however, steady promotion and persistence will significantly help market your works.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Top kindle books that will help you change your life! by Santiago Perry

Hello world my name is santiago perry and i am a proud kindle author with well over 90 extreme title's now im not here
trying to sell you any products are info but i can tell you this no one has the most exteme title's as i do..
so enough of that i bet your like what do you want will im here to talk about how to make a kindle book!!
Publishing your e-book, whether you have written it yourself or have bought PLR rights, is pretty simple. There are any number of programs which will produce a PDF file for you. All you have to do then is market it. Putting it on Clickbank is a fairly popular option.
However, there is a fairly recent addition to the available publishing methods which you may not yet have considered. Right now the Amazon Kindle e-book reader is a hot, �must have? gadget. It�s an extremely nice personal electronic device. The fact that nearly every new e-book reader that shows any promise whatsoever is christened the �Kindle Killer?, shows that the Kindle is not just the current market leader, but is the industry standard which all new e-book readers will be judged against. The thing to note, from a marketing perspective, is the fact that more people use the Kindle than any other kind of e-book reader.
Apart from the hardware, one of the key factors in the success of the Kindle to date has been the large number of Kindle books which users can choose from on Amazon's website. There are over 420,000 titles available at the time of writing � and that number is increasing at an average rate of 500 new books every day. Which is all very fascinating of course, but what does it have to do with Internet marketing?
To get straight to the point, in addition to providing users with a new method of reading the Kindle also makes new publishing methods available. Anyone who has an Amazon account can quickly and easily publish a Kindle e-book. All you have to do is format your e-book using Microsoft Word, and then save it in HTML format before uploading it to the Amazon website. In no more than a matter of minutes your e-book could be on sale by the largest bookseller in the word.
You can set the price of your e-book at whatever you wish. However, if you choose a price between $0.99 and $9.99, you will retain 70% of the sales
now your ready to be a author good look in the kindle world..
and if you woue like to take a look at my titles just go to amazon kindle store and search for santiago perry
once again my title's are rare and the best get some ideas by checking me out!!

How to Write an EBook for the Amazon Kindle by Russell Sherrard

ust about everyone has a Kindle these days and so it just seems logical that if one wants to publish a book it would be best to go the digital route. Self publishing a book in this day and age is not easy. There is a lot of competition and it is really difficult to be accepted. If you are a first time author you will find it really tough. In addition to that your expenses are reduced greatly.
Is there a need for Kindle Christian Books? The best way to find out if a certain topic is selling in Amazon is to do your research. This is how you are going to know what people are reading. If you head off to the Kindle website and find out what is on the bestseller list in the Christianity section you will get a better idea of what to base your book on.
There is always a need for Christian books. Whether it is something for a new Christian who is hungry to know more and explore the faith or for someone who is looking for inspiration or for someone who has been going to church for years, but has just lost focus. It's also nice to get the practice because many people write a series of closely related books. Once you have uploaded one book it just becomes like second nature.
Where to begin
Too many people become frustrated when writing a book and often give up. It is just like blogging. All you need to do is write. This is what you need to focus on. The rest will come later. Don't think about the formating and how you are going to market the book at this point. You can always organize it later.
If you are not sure of how to organize it or how Christian books are structured then browse around at your local Christian book store and get a few samples or go to the Kindle site to see what others are doing.
Go with your strengths. If you are known for your non-fiction writing then stick with that. If you are good with teens or you have recently come back from a mission trip then talk about your experiences and emphasize the importance of it. You should be able to draw the reader in. A christian ebook is for someone who is passionate about the subject of christianity and spreading the word through material is not only a way to give you some extra pocket money, but it will also help bring people closer to God.
It is easy enough just to upload your book with Microsoft Word. There are people who can help you with this, but if you follow the instructions it is simple to understand for yourself. Getting someone else to format it for you can add to your expenses.
The fantastic thing about Kindle is that they do all of the hard work for you. It is not like websites and blogs where you have to do all of the marketing yourself. Your book will be promoted for the first couple of days when it first comes out. So you really have nothing to lose.