Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ways to Market Your Blog: Elementary Blog Traffic Pointers for Newbies by Nancy Jeanella Harnell

Educate yourself ways to market your blog by means of blogging for traffic...
Educate yourself ways to market your blog by gaining your traffic... What is the benefit in writing a blog post, no matter how beautiful andeye-catching, if nobody's going to find it? The low cost method I adopt, and what I am going to educate you in this article, is to allow your blog post to rank on the first page of Google. Once you use my blog traffic tips, it is not only easy, but can be truly a ton of fun!

So what's so fun about learning "how to market your blog"?

As for me, it's similar to an internet game. When I put my 3 methods together, I enjoy typing my keyword phrase into Google and see my site rise higher and higher to page one. And, just similar to a game, sometimes it goes down, so I need to figure out why and change it again. (This could be addicting if you are not careful LOL!) Furthermore, what I truly love about my blog traffic ideas is that they are all relatively free of cost. Why gamble with ppc only to "gamble" your money down the drain? If you are brand-new to online promotion at all, that's an easy way to lose your business fast. Once you discover how to market your blog with low cost techniques, it is not only enjoyable, but you get to see your bank account increase - which is really fun!

So here are my 3 "blog traffic tips" for how to market your blog...

Blog Traffic Tip 1: Keyword Research

Start with keyword research. This is actually quite enjoyable when you get the hang of it. Once you have an intention of the topic you want to blog about, think of a keyword phrase, that is, a lot of words you are able to repeat inside your post, and start your fact-finding. You can find out how many people are searching for your keyword phrase by adopting the free Google website "". Note that in this content, I'm utilizing the keyword phrase "how to market your blog". And so the object of the "game" is to get to where, when you type in "how to market your blog" into the Google search bar, you'll see your site appear on Google's page one.

Blog Traffic Tip 2: Social Syndication

The two most crowd-pleasing websites to syndicate through, by all means, are Facebook and Twitter. You'll want to make sure that your material contains real benefit so folks will have a rationalization to click on your link. Basically, there are two reasons why folks surf the internet: to lessen pain of some type, or to acquire pleasure. Whatever it is that you're promoting, make sure your blog post is based on in what way or manner your reader can limit trouble or achieve pleasure. For instance, "3 things to refrain or stay away from when you're educating yourself of how to market your blog" will advise your reader that when he clicks on your link, it is apt to find a short cut to "blogging for traffic", thereby limiting the pain of trial and error techniques.

When you're using social syndication in blogging for traffic, the easiest way is to establish an account with onlywire or Either of these sites will post your blog post permalink to about 40 individual social networking sites with the click of a button.

Blog Traffic Tip 3: Back-linking Techniques

This strategy calls for pointing to a high page ranking site. In my plan of action, I enter 2 links at the final portion of my article or blog page. These are both linked to high page ranking sites. How come? Because when Google scores your post, there are two things taken into consideration, relevancy and popularity. Your keyword phrase used through your post will keep it relevant. Nevertheless how to you make it popular? You could wait until you have enough visitors to view and click like and tweet your material... or, if you're impatient like me, you will prefer to take advantage of back-links.

Learn how to market your blog adopting back-linking strategies...

Here is my secret: I insert a link for my "anchor text" to a high page rating site, which is presently accepted on Google, and that brings up the popularity of my own site. How can you tell if a website is popular? Google uses a scoring system referred to as "Alexa". You can find out the popularity of any site by going to and downloading the toolbar for free. The lower the score, the more popular, and the greater the page rank. I use YouTube, which has an Alexa of 3 out of millions for one of my links, and my group blogging website, as my other link, which has an Alexa of 700 out of millions.

However how can you blog for traffic if you do not have your personal blog?

It is not necessary to pay out hundreds of dollars creating your own blog. You can only adopt the team blog site and customize it to your own stipulations, and use that as your blog platform. From there, I'd send links to YouTube and a high page ranking article directory page. The concept is to draw as many high authority sites pointing to your content as attainable.

Gaining knowledge of how to market your blog is as carefree as 1-2-3 when you begin with a team blog website that is already popular

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Automated Lead Generation-What's Holding You Back? by Esteban Ferreira13

First, let me state the obvious - every business out there requires leads. Leads are the driving force behind the success of the business. So, with that said, how do you generate leads? The overall idea is to approach and convert as many prospect as possible. There's two basic methods on generating leads: traditional tactics and automated. My article will touch on both and from there you can make your own decision about automated lead generation.
Traditional vs. Automated Lead Generation - Old School
If you've been in the MLM business for any length of time I'm sure you're familiar with this method - pitch and hope to recruit your "warm market". This method, although harder, does work and often yields some results. You'll first begin by approaching friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances and even the postman for the purpose of recruiting a new candidate. You will find you have to sift through many people to find the "right ones" because not every one is as motivated and cannot always have the mind set and drive to do what it takes. Another method is that of "cold calling". Yup, picking up the phone, dialing a stranger's number and hope to grab their attention long enough to tell them about your opportunity. Most people have a hard time with this because the idea alone of calling up people creates anxiety and fear. Basically these ways are similar to a "salesman" approach. Not that there's anything wrong with salesmen it's just I'm trying to point out the type of person you must become. MLM marketing requires a completely different mindset than the average marketer. Techniques, mechanisms and style of online marketing is different than the conventional door-to-door way.
In addition to this, some have shown success through advertising over the radio, on television or in the local newspaper. Which ever option you choose to do, the possibility of profits and residual income online is far too great to be ignored and people will still attempt all avenues of lead generation in order to obtain their goal. So, don't be too quick to rule these forms of lead generation out.
Traditional vs. Automated Lead Generation - New School
This method is a way for sales people to automatically gather information on potential contacts in order to increase sales of their product or service. There's several automated leads generation programs available online. Some of these companies offer services or software that help generate more leads with less effort with the use of such things like internet banners, pop-ups and specific websites where the consumer can leave their contact information.
Another option basically tracks an individual's internet activity. This systems tracks where users have been, their purchases and special interests (shown through prior internet activity). Companies are then able to generate lists of public information containing name, address, phone and email. The lists are sold to other businesses who offer this information gathering service. Then the online business marketer, you, purchases that list and begins making contact with his/her potential leads.
Today, we have the great power of the internet to help us generate leads. Online advertising is another method that facilitates in our search and helps us in qualifying and recruiting of new candidates for our business. There's also other great techniques for lead generation like search engine marketing, article writing, websites and blog postings which expand your business through search engines like Google.
Traditional vs. Automated Lead Generation - More School
Your best option to learn how to really generate the type of leads you want, is to join a proven automated lead generation system. Far too often people do not succeed in their business because they don't have the knowledge, understanding or proper tools required to sponsor people on a daily basis. Don't be part of this group. Separate yourself by learning how to generate your own leads and still make money even if your leads don't join your business

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Free Marketing Strategies Online And Paid Advertising Strategies That Produce Great Results by Wa'Dell L Jones

Free Marketing Strategies vs Paid Advertising
In this article I wanna talk about paid advertising and free marketing strategies that produce great results.

First lets start with paid advertising - What is advertising? Advertising is the activity or profession of producing advertisements for a commercial product or service. And in some cases people pay good money to do this which equals paid advertising.

Paid advertising is more like a service because there's usually a third party involved that's getting paid to help businesses market there products, service or opportunity. Lets take placing adds for example like Google Adwords or Facebook PPC obviously these are the third parties getting paid to help you expose your add.

Sites like Google and Facebook are high traffic sites so what your actually paying for is space. Your paying rent for space on sites like these to market to there visitors and sometimes rent can get pretty high and this is why this strategy Isn't for everybody but it's very effective.
Free Marketing Strategies To The Rescue

Free Marketing Strategies is absolutely a life saver for most Internet Network Marketing Home Based Business Owners. "They say" over 90% of home business owners fail in this industry and usually its because of a lack of money, lack of leads and a lack of marketing knowledge.

What is Marketing - Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Free Advertising Strategies are based around the art of You promoting your products, service or income opportunity with out the third party help.

With Free Advertising you can establish your own following, produce massive traffic/visitors to your own website & generate high qualified targeted leads. Free Marketing Strategies may take some time but the results are very profitable in the long run.

2 Free Marketing Strategies & 2 Paid Advertising Strategies That Produce Great Results
Free Marketing Strategies

1. Blogging - I'm marking down blogging as a Free Marketing Strategy even though one of the best blogging platforms is Empower Network which only cost $25.00. But there are some great free ones out there like & The best way to market yourself, products, service or opportunity is with your own blog/website.

2. Video Marketing - Making videos absolutely ranks in the top 5 of Free Marketing Strategies that produce great results. Creating videos is sort of like posting articles on a blog, it will establish a following and market yourself, products, service or opportunity. The best thing about these two Free Marketing Strategies is once you publish your content it will last forever.
Paid Advertising

3. TribePro - TribePro is sort of like a social network with a community of Internet Network Marketers who only have three things on there mind. And that's getting exposure, getting more traffic and building backlinks to there websites. The way it works is everybody shares each others content on all the social networks they belong to. So you can literally have over 100 people sharing your content and driving traffic back to your website.

4. Facebook PPC - If you want to generate massive targeted leads to your website Facebook PPC is a great paid advertising strategy to use. Once you learn how to create an add that Facebook will approve you will start to generate leads almost immediately. And the great thing about Facebook PPC is that you can target the exact type of people you want to see your adds.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Top 12 Best Websites To Use To Market Your Business On In 2013 by Jinger Jarrett

There are many places on the internet where you want to consider marketing your business. Depending on which internet marketing technique you choose, it will determine where you post your content. However, there are certain sites that get a huge amount of traffic, and you'll want to consider using them if you want to get as much traffic as possible. This will influence which marketing techniques you use, but again, it can dramatically increase your traffic and sales. The best part is that you can promote for free.
1. Google
Google is the number two site on the internet according to Alexa, as well as the top search engine. This site is also very business friendly as it offers plenty of opportunities to promote your business including Places, Mobile, Books, Google+, Pages, Sites, and Sitemaps. There are others. You'll find access to everything you need within the Webmaster Tools, as well as Google for Business.
2. Facebook
The number one social network, the promotional opportunities on this site are almost endless. Includes pages, groups, events, your status, profile, games, and integration with your business websites and many others. If you want a social presence, start here.
3. Youtube
Number one in video. Build your presence by creating a search engine optimized profile and then submitting your videos. Participate in the community by commenting on and replying to other videos. The best part of this site is its keyword research tool, which is different from Google's even though Google owns this site.
4. Yahoo
Yahoo is the top content network. Post your articles to Contributor, join groups and post ads, articles and other content, and participate in discussions. Answers is a great way to connect with your audience and find out what your potential customers want in products and services.
5. Amazon
Want to write and sell books? Welcome to the largest and most visited bookstore in the world. Create an author profile and advertise all your books and Kindles from one page. Write lists, reviews, and guides to promote yourself. You'll also find forums groups on just about any topic.
6. Ebay
This is the biggest aucition site on the internet. They offer 50 listings for free, so you can post your products for sale here. They no longer accept digital products, so you'll have to convert them to physical products. This is easy to do with Kunaki.
7. Windows Live/Bing
If you market on MSN, here's an opportunity to connect with your audience. MSN users tend to be more responsive to offers than those who use Google or Yahoo, probably because they see fewer of them. Submit your sitemap to Bing as it drives results for both MSN and Yahoo.
8. Craigslist
The number one classified site, it was started as a way for those who wanted to attend events in San Francisco. It's now the largest jobs board available online. Post your free classifieds, as well as press releases in community, and be sure and check out the forums.
9. Twitter
If you enjoy microblogging, or you want to try it, then go to Twitter. Build a profile that brands your business and then post interesting tweets. This is a great site for observing trends and connecting with your audience. Although time consuming, it can also be profitable.
10. Blogspot
Need a blog? Blogspot is a service of Google and number one for blogging even though Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform. Earn money from Adsense, as well as create search engine friendly blogs that will get indexed by Google. It's also business friendly, unlike Wordpress hosted, which doesn't allow commercial activity.
11. Linkedin
If you market business to business, then start here. This is the top business social networking site, and you'll find plenty of people here. Brand yourself by creating a solid profile with your achievements, as well as create a page to showcase your business. Participate in groups on just about any topic and connect with your audience, and don't forget to post interesting statuses.
12. Pinterest
Pinterest is an image site that allows you to create "pins." Far more than just an image sharing site, you may include links to your products and services as long as they contain images. Comment, share, follow and get involved. Make sure you use hashtags as these will help you pins get found.
It is beyond the scope of this article to tell you everything you can do with these sites, but it will get you started. The most important thing you can do is create effective profiles on each of the sites that allow it and make sure you include keywords that accurately reflect your business. This will help you with branding, as well as targeting your traffic.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Need More Fans on Facebook? Read This! by Robert Riohe

Do you have memories of when Facebook was only accessed by college students? That's a time that has long passed. Everyone and their grandmother has a Facebook account now. This makes Facebook an excellent platform for internet marketers to try and generate sales and garner interest for their products. There are lots of ways you can go about doing this but one of the best approaches is to build a "fan" page for your company. Of course, just creating a fan page won't automatically lead to more sales and more interest. Use these tips to help you increase your Facebook popularity (and grow your business).
Have you found out yet that you can use text messages to utilize Facebook? This is especially great for internet marketers who communicate both online and offline with their partners and clients. By texting to the Facebook short code provided "fan yourusernamehere", the person in question will be sending Facebook instructions to automatically "like" you. The only drawback here is that you need to have at least twenty five followers and your own dedicated username for this to work. So, why not implement this approach once you have everything you need? Autograph posts you put up on other profiles with the "@ tag." Everyone who sees the comment you leave will be able to also see your fan page if you include its name in the "@ tag". It's an excellent way to show your page to new people while still making a meaningful contribution to the walls of your friends. This is a strategy that should be employed sparingly. By doing it too often you might alienate your friends as they might feel you are using them.
If you have a website that gets a lot of traffic, send people to it by posting a video on the site leading to your Facebook fan page. The offers that you have can be displayed on the fan page for visitors to see. You should also tell people to contact you through the fan page as well. As you know, videos are very popular right now. Putting a video on your site is easy! Just use the embed code for a video you have uploaded (Youtube, Vimeo, etc), and your video will show up on your website. By doing this, you can have your video in several places. As more people see your videos, more people will become fans of your Facebook fan page.
Facebook has evolved to become the most favored online social media network today. Initially, it was dedicated to college students who wanted to socialize.
From small businesses to massive corporations and regular people, everyone is using it nowadays. This means that you need to be on it as well. There are lots of methods you can employ for the promotion of your fan page on Facebook. Some things are more creative than others. How imaginative you are with your promotions will determine your limits when it comes to the number of Facebook fans you can bring on board. There aren't any limits whatsoever!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Insights On Realistic Secrets In WordPress Training Training Beginners The Best Ways to Create Site by Elin Bamber

Advantages of Having Your Own WordPress Internet website as well as Receiving a Rookie WordPress training. Gone are the days when you need to be experienced on HTML codes in addition to added technological points to be able to make an internet site.
One of the most obvious bodies for starting a weblog or internet site is WordPress. Developing a self-hosted WordPress web internet site is unbelievably effortless, especially with a beginner WordPress software. Now, you may be speculating pertaining to why you need to have a self-hosted WordPress internet internet site and also additionally undergo a novice WordPress program when you can conveniently make a free of charge of cost of fee blog site account online.
Right here are some advantages of having your individual WordPress Net web site as well as having an amateur WordPress program.
With a Rookie WordPress training, Your Self-Hosted WordPress Web net site will absolutely Look A lot more Licensed
A successful writer or author online marketer acknowledges that recognizes your individual domain is important. This is the description it's crucial to have your own unique special WordPress net internet site. With a self-hosted net site, you in addition will not need to fuss relating to requirements, which cost-free of expense blogging net web sites regularly have.
A beginner WordPress software aids you take care of the appeal as well as believe of your website. There are hundreds of points to figure out connecting to WordPress. This may quickly astonish you, especially if you are just starting. Individuals behind WordPress tutorials know this difficulty. To stay clear of offering you with as well much info promptly, a beginner WordPress software is divided in to short tutorial sessions or WordPress online video clips.
Various of the common points you'll uncover in a newbie WordPress plan are the structure of a blog website as well as approaches to improve your web site for on the web search portal. By realizing WordPress, you will most certainly have the capacity to enhance its absolute capability in addition to use it to your eas.
A Newbie WordPress training Accredits You Get money through Your WordPress Internet site Right away
If you desire to get even more via your weblog, it is finest that you establish a self-hosted WordPress site as a choice of simply generating an account on a complimentary of charge of cost blogging solution. Why? Great deals of blogging answers do not allow earnings establishing strategies to be used in their weblog website; those that do commonly get an area from your earnings.
Online, points are transforming every day. As an Internet online marketer, you recognize that to be successful in the provider, you need to function quickly as well as catch up on the most current fads. Merely exactly just how are you looking at do this if it is taking you a time-consuming time to recognize precisely the very best ways to boost your WordPress web net site?
Do not remain figuring points on your personal. With a rookie WordPress show, you'll have the capability to start gaining from your weblog in merely a few sessions. Due to the reality that principles are described in basic ways, you'll effortlessly understand them in addition to have the capability to integrate these principles to your on-line marketing operations.
A self-hosted WordPress web website delivers you the option to acquire extra in addition to become an effective Net online marketer. Take the initial action today by getting a beginner WordPress training.
Conveniences of Having Your Own WordPress Net net website and also Getting a Newbie WordPress training. Constructing a self-hosted WordPress site is exceptionally easy, specifically with a newbie WordPress program. Now, you could be reflecting why you need to have a self-hosted WordPress internet website along with go via an amateur WordPress plan when you could quickly create a free blog net website account online.
With a Newbie WordPress training, Your Self-Hosted WordPress Internet internet site will certainly Look More Qualified
A successful writer efficient blog writer marketer understands that having your personal domain individual crucial. A Novice WordPress training Authorizes You Produce earnings with Your WordPress Website Promptly
If you would certainly such as to favored extra through additional by methods of, it is most effectively that finest specified up a self-hosted WordPress website rather internet website rather making simply happening on a free of cost of cost blogging cost-free.
In the really early days of the net, producing a website was a slow-moving process given that it required to be comprised in HTML. Over time, design layouts were created to supply the structure for internet web sites, and many of the cumbersome job was done away with. Nevertheless, placing an operating website together took time, even for those with experience.
The trouble with this approach of website layout was the layouts still required a bunch of tweaking as well as screening to make them work as preferreded. Additionally after dedicating a lot of hrs taking on a site, an upgrade to an acquiring cart or extra normal aspects in the internet site could be adverse with an extra segment, which required the second once more functioning with the code so every thing would undoubtedly operate properly.
The location of WordPress to a great deal of individuals is that it allows you to have a net site uploaded along with functional in a great deal less compared with half a hr. You take additional time creating your net information rather of laptop shows along with testing code.
New people of WordPress could feel a bit scared in the starting point, however an internet video clip refresher course exposing other people building an internet web site from starting to end is an outstanding method to find out quickly. Also outright novices could possibly produce their extremely initial website in less compared with a day if they have the best details to start with.
WordPress is remarkably customer pleasurable, as well as even it is similarly actually effective. You'll benefit considerably from manuals and also pointers from well-informed customers allowing you to use all the consisted of elements as well as free plug ins.
Numerous open source items are updated for a short time then deserted by the programmers. Software must be updated regularly, however, to consistently run with formerly altering contemporary technology. WordPress is an extremely well obtained system as well as has so a number of people that maintain should certainly come for a time-consuming time to come.
Likewise though it was meant for blogging internet websites at the start, WordPress is conveniently flexible with plug ins to establish whatever kind web site preferreded. Currently, WordPress website justify nearly 1/4 of all new web internet sites.
Producing a self-hosted WordPress net internet site is surprisingly simple and easy, especially with a rookie WordPress show. Now, you might be examining why you should have a self-hosted WordPress web web site as well as likewise carry out a newbie WordPress course when you can conveniently create a free of charge of cost blog site account online.
With a Rookie WordPress training, Your Self-Hosted WordPress Internet internet site will definitely most certainly Look Much more Qualified
An effective writer efficient weblog writer marketer writer that comprehends your comprehends domain personal special important. A Novice WordPress training Permits You Earn money via Your WordPress Web web site Right away
If you want to desire more have a lot more via, it is ideally that best develop an established WordPress internet site internet of merely making an making on a free of charge of free of cost blogging solution. Now, you could potentially be asking about why you have to have a self-hosted WordPress web net web site along with go with an amateur WordPress course when you may swiftly create a free of cost weblog internet site account online.
Now, you could be pondering regarding why you need to have a self-hosted WordPress internet internet website as well as likewise undergo a novice WordPress program when you could conveniently generate a free of cost of price of cost blog site account online.
A Newbie WordPress training Authorizes You Gain money with Your WordPress Internet site Right away
If you wish to want more via even more blog, it is finest that you establish a develop WordPress website as an alternative of choice generating merely producing on a free of complimentary of fee blogging service. Now, you could be thinking why you require to have a self-hosted WordPress internet website as well as go through an amateur WordPress software when you can quickly develop a free of charge blog internet site account online.
A Newbie WordPress training Allows You Make cash by means of Your WordPress Net internet site Immediately
If you wish to desire more want even more more via, it is best that greatest establish biggest develop up Established web site internet website web producing merely making on a free of free of charge of cost blogging expense. Now, you might probably be questioning why you have to have a self-hosted WordPress web internet site as well as go with an amateur WordPress program when you can rapidly produce a free of cost weblog web website account online.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

How To Sell Products Effortlessly Like Clockwork by Jack Sarlo

You're going to discover a very little-known method to sell more of your products and sell easier - instead of chasing the prospects to BUY from you they'll chase YOU to buy from you with this technique!
You have to know that people don't buy your product, what they really buy is your knowledge! They want YOU in other words, your knowledge, your experience, etc.
That's what they really want.
In order to sell more of your products, and sell a whole lot more easy you have to do something that's not normally done.
Normally when you think of selling you probably think of sending emails to your subscribers and trying to get them to buy now! That kind of thing, "Buy my product before midnight it's a limited time offer".
What you really want to do instead is look like an expert!
People Love Experts
You can deliver content in several ways: articles, video, audio, on the blog, ecourses, special reports, ebooks, etc. Ideally you want to use all of these options.
For example: Give them a free ebook or a free ecourse from your website.
People like experts, because experts do most of the work for them! They want to buy from experts!
People will notice that you know what you're talking about.
In the Info-Marketing business making yourself look like an expert is very important if you want to ATTRACT lots of prospects to your business. They'll be attracted and STICK as well - in other words remain "loyal followers" and some "big fans" as well of you.
That's how to sell effortlessly!
Content Makes You Look Like An Expert!
You also have to constantly provide new information, don't just write one or two articles. People want experts that are on top of their game - they know what's going on in the industry/niche!
Trying to CONVINCE a prospect to buy from you, like begging him/her buy now buy now! That doesn't work - if you try the prospect will even more dislike you and runs even more away from you.
Content Lessens Up A Bit That Skepticism!
Another benefit of giving away free information is that it lessens a bit that skepticism. It proves you're honestly trying to help others, not trying to make a buck or scam people their money and then run away to a foreign country.
By having an online presence like an expert than people think you're online with your website and business to SERVE others. They'll think you're serious and the real deal.
They'll think they should buy from you not from your competitors!
All successful marketers in the Info Marketing business give away free information!
7 Neat Ways To Provide FREE Information/Content
* If you have a salesetter you can use an optin box to capture name and emails and give them a free ecourse. You can also give them a free ebook or special report (10-12 page ebook) as well as a free ecourse, both.
* Blogs are not the best way to give free information, instead put your articles, video tutorials, audio, etc, on your website.
* Interview experts and put the recording on your website either as a free download (.mp3) or they'll listen to it online.
* Teleseminars as well as Webinars are also a fantastic way to provide free information and look like an expert. Start building a list, and then as frequently as you can create teleseminars and webinars and ask them to join you.
* Use video, you can create a Youtube channel, as well as put videos on your website. There are many techniques to teach using videos, including the use of powerpoints, tutorials, as well as recording videos on a street, in your office - it depends on your niche be creative figure out ideas. If you're good at speaking than you can record yourself in your office and teach quick 5 - 10 minute tips, techniques, etc.
* Start a radio talk show, practically for FREE you can start your own show - attract an audience and provide free information. Convert shows to podcasts and put them on your website as free download or streaming audio as well. Many successful internet marketers have their own Radio Talk Show!
* Start an offline monthly newsletter. I've seen successful Internet Marketers do this, because it's also a great way to provide free information.
So there are a huge number of benefits of giving away free information. Remember though you have to give the right amount of free information, the right type as well. If you have already created products don't give the same information for free!
Otherwise they won't need to buy your products.
A great way is to tell them what to do but not HOW to do it!
Make it useful information but incomplete.
With so many options to create and disseminate information you can get confused quickly, which method you'll do? What I suggest is to brainstorm, think and also look at what your competitors as well as NON competitors in other completely different niches are doing.
Sometimes the best strategies come not from your competitors but from what others are doing in completely different niches.
For example I've got great ideas from marketers in the health niche which has nothing to do with my niche. The niche may be different, but if they're successful and they're in the Info-Marketing business like you, the strategies & techniques are transferable.
Be creative and try to adopt from someone else... never try to re invent the wheel - always use someone's else wagon!:)

Monday, 4 February 2013

How To Make Money With Webinars by Kevin McKillop

Webinars are a great selling platform, because you have the attendees attention and ability to connect with them as they've shown interest. Most successful webinars that I've participated in involve educating the attendees on a particular topic.
Don't kid yourself though, it's all selling, education too. Careful planning goes into the slides, creating open loops and selling while educating at the same time.
You will find most people will arrange something special for the webinar attendees to purchase at the end, it could be a special 'bonus' to the first X amount of people or a discounted price too. But whatever the additional benefit is, it's only available to those on the webinar and when the webinar is over, if you choose to not take the hosts up on their offer, you won't have access to it again.
Joint Venture Webinars
I've done approximately 7 or so webinars for Local Video Method over the last 8 months, which were purely presenting information, doing some Q&A, and I didn't have a single thing to offer in terms of 'selling', just straight up information.
As part of the launch for Local Video Method v2.0 I wanted to reach out to some new audiences. So what I did is put some time and effort into preparing a good webinar that educates and sells at the same time. This webinar is about offline consulting, getting clients, marketing yourself etc, and also talks about the actual process of video reviews as a lead gen, which is what LVM is.
Now people who want to try it themselves, CAN, but if they want to learn how to do it the quicker way, they can purchase. So the webinar provides great value and information, and an offer at the same time.
Now you can go around to people who have lists of what you would consider potential buyers. So for me, I'm going to try and reach out (via Skype, email, VIDEO!) and talk to people who are also in the same niche (offline consulting).
I've now got a prepared webinar, they just have to promote the webinar. We'll do it together (I do most of the talking) and then any sales from that webinar are split typically 50/50 (joint venture).
This has worked tremendously well, I've done two JV's for LVM 2.0 in the last month or so totaling just over $17,000 and I have more to come! That's not a lot compared to some other big names, but it's a great start and the numbers are outstanding. 1 webinar converting at 30% with an earnings per click of over $12.00!
So I can approach people now with numbers, a complete 'package' and all they have to do is promote it and cash in. They get to provide a high quality product (if I do say so myself) which makes them look good for the recommendation, they have some money in their pocket as do I, and I now have some new clients.
They're a fantastic way to quickly build a list and to get cash and build relationships as they bring a flood of traffic very quickly. I have something to offer and the JV partner has the list!
Webinar Leverage
Most of the time webinars will be recorded and used later down the road which is a great leverage strategy for the webinar itself. You can send out replays to your list to help drive more sales (for those that couldn't make it, forgot, or never got the invite). You can also use the video and cut it up, allowing you to create several videos from one.
I could upload those to Youtube and optimize those for some keywords I'd like to target, driving traffic back to my sales page. I've personally used it as part of the premium content within the Local Video Method membership as a value add. Anyone who purchases Local Video Method has access to the webinar library.
I've also created a 6 part video series in my autoresponder, that's spread out over two weeks and provides free training to those on my list whom have never purchased Local Video Method. It gives them a taste of what the full package is all about.
You can easily schedule several webinars in a week. That will take some coordination but it's more than possible, each webinar really takes about 2 or so hours to deliver and some admin work on the side to set it up, promote it, but it's hardly a full day's work.
I'm sure there are many more ways to leverage them, but this is how I've leveraged my webinar recordings.
Webinar Tips
Here are some tips for you if you're deciding to run a webinar.
1. Schedule it out about 1 week out, with all the timezones, weekends etc. give people the opportunity to read your invitation and sign up.
2. Schedule a 24 hour reminder and a 2 hour reminder email to go out (I use AWeber)
3. Close any programs that may pop-up or interfere with your screen, you're going to be sharing it with hundreds of people! :)
4. If you're going to show your browser, please clear your history to avoid anything embarrassing appearing in your recording and to your attendees.
5. Test everything 15 minutes before hand, then sit and wait. You'd be surprised at the tiny things that'll mess up right before you're suppose to start.
6. Start on-time, respect the time of those who showed up on time!
7. Record every webinar, you can always get rid of it afterwards, but if you don't record it and want it, you'll be out of luck. You can use Camtasia or Screenflow to record the webinar (including audio/video).
8. Try to keep the background noise to a minimum; interruptions can make it more 'human' but to a minimum.
9. You may say this goes without saying, but whatever you do, don't say anything bad or derogatory about the attendees or anyone or anything while on the webinar, even if you think you've hit mute or it's not on. The only way to be certain it's not on is Goto Webinar is closed! Many people have been burned by thinking it's off-air mean while they're voice is still being heard by all the attendees.
10. I like to have nice presentations that are just me, some images and so on keep what is a semi-boring event (no video etc) a little more interested and engaging.
11. Like most presentations, keep your list of bullet points on your slides to a minimum (per slide).
12. You will not be given a list of email addresses of attendees to easily use. I highly recommend implementing some tool (such as this one) to sign people up to your email list AND the webinar. When you're on the webinar, and you promise to send people something, if you don't have them on a list, that will be very difficult if not impossible. There is no easy way to get your webinar attendee email addresses to your auto-responder afterwards.
13. When speaking, speak slowly, and vary your tone, again helps keep it from sounding boring
14. Promote your registration page as much as possible and those of you who want to do JV's, you can setup an affiliate link for an affiliate to land on the registration page. That way any traffic they send to their affiliate link will go to the webinar registration page and track the purchase to them! Gives them a great incentive to promote your webinar!
15. Don't forget that you're selling, so remember to show value, create open loops, close them, keep them enticed and when you're ready don't be afraid to make the pitch. Some people say talk about the pitch early, others say wait till later, that will depend on your audience (from my experience). Ask your JV partner how their list has been groomed with previous webinars.
16. Don't panic if you forgot to hit record in the midset of starting your webinar. Send out an email to those who attended and I bet you someone recorded it for themselves and would be happy to provide you with a copy. (can you tell that happened to me?)
17. If you find this list useful, please hit the like button and share it on facebook for anyone else interesting in running their own webinars!
That should give you a good start. The first one is always a little nerve racking, but just get it over with and move onto the next one, they only get better each time you do them, and you won't even worry from that point.
Happy Educating!