Sunday, 31 March 2013

Wow! Look At The Traffic I'm Generating From The Warrior Forum by Carl Coffin

Are you a member of the warrior forum? If not you are missing out on some serious traffic. The best part about the warrior forum is the traffic and prospects you generate are FREE.

The Warrior Forum is the #1 Internet Marketing forum online today. Thousands of successful internet marketers are using the forum as a place to network. I have found that participating 20 mins. a day posting and participating in online forums have produced some good business contacts. Some of my best business partners have come as a result of forum marketing.

As far as becoming a member of the Warrior forum is concerned, all you have to do is to set up your profle, create a signature box with your link and then start participating.

You will be surprised how fast people will respond to your posts and how many people are using the forum. It is by far the best forum to use for networking and learning how to market online. I have found the members to be extremely helpful when I've asked questions.

One of the best tips I can give you is to not SPAM the forum. All this will do is make people mad and you will be defeating the purpose of using the forum, which is generating friends and contacts.

Like I mentioned above, along with the Warrior forum find at least four other online MLM forums to participate in each month. Spend only 20 mins. a day posting and participating. Get started using the Warrior Forum today!

If you would like to learn more about me and how your business can benefit from an online marketing system, check out my resources below.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Strategies For An Effective Press Release by Christine OKelly


There are no "secrets" to writing online press releases that grab attention.

It's all about following a step-by-step strategy. It's a matter of identifying the different piece of a press release and then knowing how to most effectively execute each part.


In many ways, a press release is similar to your car. There are several parts under the hood, and each must do its job effectively to propel your vehicle forward. The same is true with press release marketing. Your headline, summary, PR body, and call to action must each perform well to attract journalists, bloggers, customers, and the search engine spiders. 

With this in mind, we'll share strategies for an effective press release below.

#1 - Write An Enticing Title

Your title has two main jobs. First, it should improve the ranking ability of your press release in Google and the other major search engines. This is done by placing your primary keyword in the title, preferably as close to the beginning as possible.

The title in this case strategies for an effective press release second job is pull the reader into your press release. It should encourage her to read more about your company and products.
Be brief. Be direct. Resist the temptation to be too clever at the cost of being ambiguous.

#2 - Create A Summary That Leads The Reader

Don't underestimate the influence of your summary. It functions like the onramp to a freeway. If it is written well, it will help your reader to gain momentum into the body of your press release.
Provide the most salient points of your news angle. Give the reader the key details of your story, your company's role, and the reason the story is relevant. Your summary should continue the excitement created by your title.

#3 - Frontload The Body

One of the key writing tactics newspaper journalists learn early in their careers is to frontload their pieces. Rather than saving their best material for the end of their stories, they include it in the beginning. They realize readers' attention is fleeting. It's better to capture it upfront and keep it than to lose it and spend the rest of the piece hoping to regain it.

Even if your title and summary are perfect, you can still lose readers in the first paragraph of your press release's body. Make the beginning strong by storing the "good stuff" upfront.

#4 - Edit And Condense

Editing makes your press releases easier to read. It removes the unnecessary details, sharpening your PRs and improving their clarity.

Few business owners can create a tightly written press release on their first attempt. The first draft may pour out easily, but contain bulky passages, semi-relevant quotes, and clunky phrasing. Editing shortens the piece and cleans it up, making the strategies for an effective press release more appealing to journalists and bloggers.

#5 - Sell Your Company In The "About" Section

Consider the person who reads your strategies for an effective press release. If he or she is a journalist, there's a good chance they read (or skim) several a day. If that's the case, the content may begin to blur - similar to smelling a dozen perfumes, one after the other, during a single shopping visit.

Your PR's "About" section is where you can stand apart from other businesses. Explain what your company sells and the unique position you occupy in your niche. Mention rewards or recognition you've received in the past. While you want to avoid sounding like a used car salesman, you do want to be clear about what your company does, and the brand you represent.

#6 - Focus On Facts, Not Hype

We mentioned earlier that many of the strategies for an effective press release used in other marketing efforts can be used successfully in your press releases. The principles are similar. This does not mean you should write your PRs in the same way you would write a sales letter. Both carry completely different tones.

Avoid hype, and rely on accurate information. Use comparisons to drive points home in new ways for your reader. For example, suppose you wanted to focus on the incidence rate of vehicular deaths in the U.S. Rather than saying 45,000 people die each year in automobile accidents, reword the statistic by comparing the number to a plane full of people dying each day.

Again, there are no secrets to writing engaging press releases. Focus on the individual strategies for an effective press release of your PRs, and make each one as effective as possible.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

12 Best Online Marketing Strategies by Derick Fredrickson

At this time of each year we think about what we accomplished over the last year – and what we want to improve on for the upcoming new year.
From a marketing perspective, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all new ideas and bright shiny objects out there to pull our attention away from the marketing strategies that matter most – those that will actually improve your business and expand your marketing reach.
So, in honor of the new year – I present to you the 12 best online marketing strategies to focus on for 2012. There could be more – but these are in my opinion the best strategies to bring you quicker to your business goals using online marketing strategies that work.
Don’t choose them all! Focus on the 2 or 3 that you feel could impact your marketing effort the most – and carve out the time and plan for implementing them next year!
  1. Improve your irresistible free offer. Perhaps it’s time to replace that outdated “free report” or “eBook” with an even higher value freebie to offer site visitors. As I referred to in my post about the best freebie out there (read it here) – my favorite is still the Audio CD – which has huge intrinsic value because it’s a physical “thing” and you can capture mailing addresses in addition to just email address.
  2. Launch a new product or program. There is always something you can “launch” whether it’s a new product or program. You can also “re-launch” something you did this year that performed really well. My post shares some great methods for launching a new product or program (read it here.) Think about what you can do differently this time around to make it even more engaging and worthwhile for your audience. Add more bonuses and juicier incentives to help increase sales.
  3. Do a new webinar or teleseminar. Each new year is a great time to host a new topic using either a webinar or teleseminar. It can also be a perfect time to switch up the format and see what works best. Been doing a bunch of teleseminars lately? Try a webinar? Doing just webinars? Try a teleseminar. And, choose a topic that is new to your audience and see what kind of response you receive.
  4. Connect with a new joint venture partner. Have this year be the year you establish a great partnership with a new strategic alliance or joint venture partner. I explained how to do this in my post about joint venture as a great list building strategy (read it here.) Someone that you feel can really pull you and help you in a big way – while you can do the same for them. I always like to think outside the box about who to connect with – and expect something great as a result.
  5. Create an affiliate program. Perhaps this is the year you launch an affiliate program. Affiliates are a great way to spread your message and build your list – while also supporting your sales of products or programs. Pretty much most shopping cart programs (1ShoppingCart, Infusion, etc.) support affiliate programs and are easy to establish.
  6. Update your website / blog. Website looking a bit outdated? Perhaps it’s time to hire a graphic designer for that new logo you’ve been craving or hire a website developer to update your entire site. I shared how important design is when it comes to marketing online in an earlier post (read it here) so don’t skimp on the important details when updating your website. First impressions matter most when designing your website.
  7. Be more active on social media. Are you one of the folks who has a Twitter account but hardly ever uses it? Perhaps you’re wondering exactly what to post on that new Facebook fanpage you created? Have this year be the year you be more “social” on social media. Remember, you can’t be active on these social media sites unless you show up and do the work. My post about being active on social media can help you (read it here.)
  8. Start a pay-per-click advertising campaign. I’m a huge fan of pay-per-click advertising. One of my earlier posts about PPC explains that it’s one of the best and most effective ways to quickly and authentically build your list with highly qualified leads. Whether it’s Google AdWords or Facebook ads – they convert brand new prospects onto your list and you can target very specific groups of people searching what you have to offer. Yes, you gotta pay for the traffic – but – it’s definitely worth it on the long run (I show you how here.)
  9. Add video to your marketing. It’s 2012 and you’re still not using video in your online marketing? It’s time to jump onboard with the most powerful and effective way to connect and build trust online with visitors to your site. With the advances of technology and video equipment costs plummeting – you really have no excuse to do more video and start reaping the benefits immediately. Stuck with where to start and how to do it? My blog post about using YouTube can help you get started (read it here.)
  10. Generate more content. Only posting to your blog once every other week or once a month? This is the year you need to generate a ton more content – way more than you’re even doing now (unless you blog every single day.) Putting out high-content and high-value articles and blog posts is how you get new traffic as well as nurture the existing audience you have on your list. As I referred to in my post about how to get to page one of Google – content is king (read it here.)
  11. Be smart about SEO. Still don’t have a clue about search engine optimization or how it relates to your blog or website? SEO is critical for having massive success online – and can’t be ignored or overlooked anymore. Develop a comprehensive SEO strategy about how to improve your search engine rankings for your best keywords and let’s get to work. Need help on where to start? My blog post about the ABC’s of SEO will help (read it here.)
  12. Email your list more often. Only sending the email newsletter out when you have the time for it? This is the year we get you on a consistent and frequent schedule of emailing your list all this great content you’re now generating. If you’re doing monthly now – consider bi-weekly. Sending the newsletter every other week? Let’s make it happen by sending it weekly. As my earlier post about emailing your list more frequently explains – the more you email your list – the higher your open rates and consumption of your content – which is all good (read it here.)
There you have it! The official 12 best marketing strategies to grow your business with online marketing for 2012.12-best-online-marketing-strategies by Derick Fredrickson

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Harvesting The key benefits of Magazine Classified Advertising by Macduff Pharr

Consequently, placing a free ad in a newspaper is beneficial for both the buyers as well as the promoters. You are able to accumulate the actual labeled advertising info and also information on different deals that are offered simply by diverse papers by means of professionals or even through performing an online lookup.
Planning for a targeted categorized marketing campaign

After accumulating classified advertising and marketing information deciding on the proper newspaper that you might want to advertise in, you will need to plan out the entire technique. Business owners that anticipate selling items utilizing classifieds need to understand that merely paper categorized advertising wouldn't be adequate to be able to enjoy results and when the process isn't prepared effectively, all their efforts will be lost.

Because of this, it is important to allow them to organize a focused classified marketing strategy. Actually even if they are thinking about free classified advertising, till as well as unless the actual strategy will be investigated as well as properly designed, just about all endeavours of promoting goods using advertisements would be useless. A specific classified marketing strategy works well for getting out the particular Unique selling position of the item, enlists the advantages which it delivers over similar goods, at the same time frame faucets the proper segment with the marketplace that will really think about purchasing the product.

Your marketing campaign need to clearly define all the benefits that the customer would get through picking your product or service. It's possible to even program the sightless marketing campaign which simply encourages someone to find out more about the rewards that you will be offering. These kinds of campaigns typically garner a significantly increased reaction compared to other promotions, however the response may well not automatically convert to buyers.

This further challenges around the undeniable fact that an entrepreneur must understand the purpose of the free ad campaign just before suspended it. Actually, selling goods making use of advertisements is in fact rather easy if you're able to organize a distinctive classified marketing campaign which sticks out from your remaining portion of the advertisements and at the same time frame communicates every one of the crucial information on the product.

Going the actual opportunity offered by free ad advertising and marketing
These days, a number of produce mediums are providing the particular possibilities at no cost categorized marketing; as a result an effective are usually inundated with lots of alternatives. The issue together with free classified marketing is that usually the actual promoters get lured through the free of charge bundle that is provided, yet, audience isn't correct and as a result the particular free classified ad does not bring virtually any earnings. Alternatively, the well-researched and also specific labeled advertising campaign, even if this is a free classified advertisement, supports the potential to touch the proper neural with the industry and create a marketplace also where this doesn't can be found. In fact in the present situation, it is essential for an merchant to experience a comprehensive industry understanding just before placing a classified ad.
Making sure a response -- Categorized marketing suggestions

There are particular classified marketing suggestions that the advertiser need to keep in your mind to make sure that he pops up having a special categorized advertising campaign. First of all an advertiser must understand the way the free ad information especially in a big labeled advertising and marketing medium, just like a paper, is taken care of so that they can location his ad on top, as these ads generally get the maximum response. Generally there are numerous regarding commonalities in the manner magazines along with other sources kind and also format the particular classified ad info, but it is necessary to understand this so that you can benefit from the advantages of labeled advertising and marketing.

So that you can design a really distinctive labeled advertising and marketing copy, one must make certain that it really is immediate, however concurrently should attention your reader as well as lure him or her for more information. In a large categorized advertising and marketing medium, especially if it provides the chance free of charge classified advertising and marketing, it is important to retain these kinds of categorized advertising ideas in your mind, in order to make sure a reply.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

5 tools you need to build your Social Media presence by Sture Nyberg

Building a consistent social media presence is an activity that is a direct value addition to your profile. Given the promising ROI from social media branding, social media activities are indispensable, although highly repetitive and mechanical. We can, however think of smart ways to accomplish our work with minimum effort and maximum outcome. Many boring and repetitive chores can be automated in every field and the social media optimization is no exception here.
You have unlimited solutions on the internet for anything you want to do under the sun. Social media presence businesses do benefit a lot from the latest downloadable software that accomplish tedious manual tasks in the wink of an eye. The most popular tools that help you improve your social media presence ROI are:
1. Twollo: This tool multiplies your twitter followers seamlessly. You can sort your follower crowd in a keyword focused fashion with Twollo. So if you are a person with lots of updates regularly on twitter, you have a tool that manages your twitter traffic well. You have the options of finding and following people, tracking tweets, specifying your keywords. You will have an initial 4 day trial period after which you may switch over to a pack according to your requirement. The packs range from 5 keywords, 10 keywords, 20 keywords and unlimited pack.

2. Tweet Adder: This is an automated program that does the tweeting for you while you engage in other tasks. All you have to do is to set it to work and leave it. You can manage multiple twitter accounts with this and follow targeted profiles. With regular and focused auto tweeting, you can boost your social media presence ROI generously. This is compatible both on Windows and MAC Operating systems and brings to you rich features like automating and deleting direct messages, twitter friend search, auto unfollow, etc. It is surely worth a try.

3. Humingbird: This is an automated BOT or software used to add followers in Twitter. You can customize the criteria of choosing people on the basis of certain KWs to follow in Twitter. It comes at a very affordable price; it costs as low as $97, which makes it a good social media optimization tool.

4. Jing: Jing is free software that adds visuals to your online conversations. You can use this software to capture any image on the desktop screen and instantly share via other IM services. You can save a lot of time and effort especially when you have something to illustrate to your customers and are located remotely from them. You can nevertheless assure them the comfort of your presence whenever they need it.

5. Animoto: Animoto is a web application that generates videos from your photos, video clips, music and other material instantaneously and impeccably. Also, you can have multiple, unique videos from your material every time. It is very popular on social media platforms like facebook. This software is intelligent in analyzing your contents and presents a catchy output. Animoto can help you to present yourself to your customers in ever new colors and keep your social media presence vibrant and active.
What matters at the end of the day is productivity which is measured in terms of ROI. Time is money, so saving a good of time with the help of modest money is the way of smart professionalism!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

3 Easy Ways To Create Videos That Can Go Viral by Lyric Harris

Software and services exist that which will do all the tedious video marketing tasks automatically for you. However, you still have to create a video to market. In this article we will look at how to easily create videos for that can be launched for you.

Currently there are 3 simple ways to create a good video. The type you choose is typically a matter of preference, and you may find that a particular method fits your style or niche better than the other types.
Screen Capture Video

This method of video creation is likely the most common type used by internet marketers. It's pretty simple. You just record what is shown on your monitor and talk about what it is you are doing and seeing. Screen capture video can be effective for video marketing services if you choose a topic that can be discussed in 1 to 3 minutes. Yes, you can create longer videos; however you will likely find faster results with videos of a condensed range, rather than 15 minutes.

An easy way to create this type of video is to paste a condensed version of an article into a power point presentation. Try to keep it to keep it to five bullet points of less than 50 words per slide. Then you just have to read the slide to the viewer, adlibbing any additional content you feel is necessary. To record screen capture videos, you will need a USB noise cancelling microphone and a screen recording program.
Everyone uses Camtasia. It's the best product, but it is a bit expensive at a cost of $299. There is a trial version available which you can download and test for free as well as Camtasia which is free.
Slideshow Videos

Personally, I think slide show videos are excellent for use with video submission services. You will not be doing any narrating with these, but rather playing related images or PowerPoint slides of your niche with a musical background. is very simple and delivers high quality results. They also have a free service for testing out and uploading to YouTube. However, you will need there premium service at $2.50 a month to be able to download the video for automatic video marketing services. It also allows you to create higher quality videos including HD. For additional royalty free pictures outside of Animoto for use in your videos, visit They have hundreds of photos for most every niche.

Here's How To Create A Great Video Using Animoto Or Other Video Creation System.

1) Create PowerPoint slides or download photos from
2) Turn the PowerPoint slides into images
3) Upload to your preferred video creation website
4) Move them around into the order you want
5) Add relevant captions if you are using images
6) Add music from Animoto's selection

That's it! This is a very fast way to create a video. I'm sure you will even impress yourself, let alone your audience with the final product. Other things to consider are using tinyurl's instead of long affiliate links. Also, insure the last slide in your video contains a call to action as well as your domain name. If you are using an affiliate link, go to and use the tool to create a shorter url for you.

I recommend using the custom tiny url feature, this way you can have tinyurl/makes-sense instead of tinyurl/agEcVa-random. See the difference? So will your audience. Be sure the last slide lingers for a few extra seconds before the video ends, giving the audience time to remember it. Don't be afraid to change it up. For video submission services and software to work effectively, you must not bore your audience with unrelated pictures, low quality images and boring text. Throw in a joke or an expected image that drives home the point of the video.
Webcam Videos

It doesn't get any simpler than this. Turn on your webcam, talk for a few minutes about your niche and your done. Having said that, webcam videos are not an ideal method for Tube Kaboom. Plus, we have all seen the creepy guy webcam videos in our Google searches, but never clicked on them. Why? Because that creepy guy does not appear to be an authority.

Now A Video Submitter Can Take Care Of All The Rest!

This is where things would get extremely repetitive and difficult for you. You would have to upload your video to all the major video submission services. Sounds easy, but uploading videos gets really old fast! Some people pay others to do it on Fiverr and others use outdated or inadequate software which struggles to deliver the videos to all the intended sites. Video submission services and software does all of this difficult work for you fast and efficiently without the headache many of us have experienced with other software. Why? Because Tube Kaboom is a service performed by real people not a program.

Will Video Submission Software Market My Video Too?
Yes. Assuming you have chosen a quality service, all of this is taken care of. It removes all of the headaches and struggles to occur here as well. No going from forum to forum or blog to blog trying to promote your video without being spammy