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Cash on Demand by Mehak Naheem

n my video above I explain why I chose not to go ahead with the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand System, although there are people who have benefited from this course of modules, for the current
Internet Marketer the information seems to be out dated as well as the systems which are being used. Now we have more channels to market to a wider audience free of charge such as Youtube and other video hosts which broadcast your videos online for free and virally. We also have social networks like Facebook and Twitter which weren't around a few years ago when the system was first introduced. These channels were not available when the system came out and are new methods that Internet Marketers can now leverage from.
Cash on Demand Modules
Also I did not like the idea of having to wait for a monthly module so that my business could move forward. I have made 6 Figures online within a short timescale of starting in my own online business. However, that would possibly have not been realistic if I was to follow Andrew's Cash on Demand system due to the monthly wait. I would have to wait for a new module every month so I can go onto my next step and that may not seem a long time to some people, especially if you are new to the industry. Yet, you must realise that that one month wait for you is one month longer for you to achieve your financial goals. Also, it's not to say that you will grasp everything correctly and make money straight away, it may take time to understand the concepts. Saying that 1 month is a long time online, it's 1/12 of a year and if you are on a target to make six figures online in your first year, then that's a very large % of your profits that are on hold. Therefore it is vital to stay on track.
I also found that with the Cash on Demand System the information is pretty repetitive. If I was to pay a monthly charge for my modules and wait every month i'd expect new fresh content telling me exactly what my next steps should be however with Andrew's system I have found it to be quite vague without telling you a specific method to make money.
You will also be lost without a business or product to actually promote. Andrew's system is just a mentoring course there is no product or business which you can make money from, so it's all fine and well knowing how to do the marketing but you should definitely have some sort of business first! That is one of the reason's when people work with myself not only do they receive a working business model ready to start making money from, you also receive a bundle of thousands of digital products ranging in niche categories so you also have a business which to profit from. Watch the Cash on Demand Video above for more info.
Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand System
Andrew was brought up in Winchester in a working class family. His father was determined to become self employed and eventually own his own DIY store one day. However due to the business suffering, Andrew Reynolds searched for a better way to make money. Like many people new to the world of the Internet Andrew Reynolds looked into various business opportunities and bought a few in the early and mid 90's without actually doing anything with the information.
In 1993 he bought a product from a famous business opportunity guy in the States called Bill Myers. Four years after the purchase Andrew Reynolds attended a seminar that taught him all about information marketing.
A week after going to the seminar Andrew Reynolds left his job as a sales manager with a house builder. It was a big step which worked out for Andrew however until you are making a stable and consistent income, I'd advise anyone not to quit their J-O-B!
Andrew bought the resale rights to one of Bill Myers products and this allowed Andrew to promote the product and keep all the money. Andrew rebranded this video series Cash On Demand and promoted it for many years till he got into direct mail sales. It is possible to re-brand any products with my business opportunity because when you purchase a package not only do you receive ownership to the products, you also receive private label and resale rights to these products. Meaning you can keep 100% of all profits!
He sold 10,000 of those original videos for £50 a time!
Cash on Demand in the Making
Reynolds explained in the sales literature that he had developed a system which was making him "over £1,000,000 a year...working just 1-2 hours a day".
The length of the course was never mentioned although it was rumoured to be 12 lessons. Around module 4, users were offered a "quick route" to the end of the course. This offer was for "The Million Pound Private Student Home Study Course" - a full training course with a great deal of material plus licences to several specialist DVDs which you can go out and sell as your own. The cost? £1,697 +VAT. However, the real bonus of being a subscriber on Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand system course came in when all subscribers were offered tickets to an "Entrepreneur's Boot Camp" in London. This was a 3-day training camp with around 10 well-known internet marketers from the States.
As you can imagine, any seminar which Andrew Reynolds organises usually comes with a £3000+ price tag which usually puts a great deal of people off... Each speaker had a short set (around 2 hours or less) during which they gave a presentation before having 10 minutes at the end to make a special offer to the audience. In total, the event raised over £325,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. The entire entrance fee was donated to charity. So, you may be wondering why Andrew Reynolds would organise an event which did not make him any money? Well, obviously, each speaker had something to sell and Andrew, as the organiser, was able to take a percentage of the sales.

Mehak Naheem is a Global Online Business Coach who helps people Make Money from the internet. She teaches people with no internet marketing or online business experience and has been doing so for the past 4 years. Find out how she helps people start an internet marketing company and achieve their financial goals Cash on Demand
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Monday, 6 January 2014

Internet Marketing - How To Turn Blogging Into A Successful Career by Sven Hylten-Cavallius

Many people blog. In fact, there are more bloggers out there now than ever before. What seems to fascinate many about blogging is that it can actually become a career, believe it or not. However, just sitting down at your computer and typing is not going to make you rich. So how do you make a living blogging? There are a number of things you can do that will help. Here, though, are a few tips that will get you started and show you how to turn blogging into a successful career.

First of all, you have to have a blog in order to make money from a blog. There are a number of sites out there that will set you up with a blog for either a fee or a portion of your advertising proceeds. If you are truly serious about making blogging your career, then you need to consider not using these services. If you are going to try to make money in blogging, then it would make sense to share the money with as few people or services as possible. Instead, start your own website and keep the money. You will pay a monthly hosting fee, but if you are serious about blogging you know that this money will be considered a business expense as if you were to rent a storefront for a clothing store or something similar. So your first step in turning blogging into a successful career must include starting a blog and doing so on your own website.

Secondly, you have to figure out how you are going to derive revenue from your blog. There are a number of ways to do just that. The easiest and perhaps most popular way is to use some sort of advertising. Many of the search engines and other services on the web will place ads on your blog site and then pay you for every time someone clicks on one of the ads. Another way to do it is to sell something from your site and use the blog to bring in customers. Or, in a similar strategy, advertise someone else's product on your site and then get some sort of commission from that person. No matter which strategy you use, or even if it is another strategy you come up with on your own, you need to find a source of revenue if you are going to make blogging into a successful career.

Third, once you have a way to make money off the blog, you need to get people to the blog. The key to most anything that happens on the internet is to drive traffic to your site. No matter what, whether you are using an ad service or selling a product, internet money is a game of percentages. You want to draw as many people as possible to your website. The larger the overall number of hits your site gets is the lower percentage of those clicks that have to be profitable you need. So how do you draw traffic? They key is, to turn a phrase, keywords. You need content on your site that is going to bring traffic from search engines to you as much as possible. There are a number of ways to do this: through software programs designed to find the best keywords, websites that perform a similar service, or just coming up with them on your own and crossing your fingers. No matter how you choose to do it, though, just bare in mind that you cannot turn blogging into a successful career without getting people to your website.

Blogging can certainly be fun, but what if you want to turn that fun into a profit? There are hundreds of people out there who have turned blogging into a successful career. It is a great way to make money from home doing what you want, when you want. However, there are some things you need to consider before diving into a blogging career. First of all, you have to get yourself a blog, obviously. Next, decide how you are going to generate revenue from that blog. Then, finally, work hard to drive traffic to your website. Remember, the internet is a game of numbers and percentages so promote and update your blog as often as possible.

Creating Your Own Internet Marketing Plan by Lucinda Pires-Ribeiro

If you have a small business that you are attempting to promote and are having trouble, it may be because you have not first created an internet marketing plan. Internet marketing is extremely complicated and is much more difficult than simply putting some keywords in the text of your site. An internet marketing plan consists of 8 basic steps: strategic planning, situation analysis, customer analysis, market and product focus, product positioning, pricing strategy, product distribution, and internet promotion.
Step Number 1: Strategic Planning...
When promoting your business online, you need to keep some things in mind. Ask yourself the question, "what am I good at?" You need to discover how your business is different from the rest by discovering the advantages that you have over your competitors.
Step Number 2: Situation Analysis...
This is basically learning about the market that you are in. This can be achieved though various studies such as SWOT analysis, conducting an industry analysis, and analyzing your competition. The more you know about the industry you are in and how you can succeed in it, the better.
Step Number 3: Customer Analysis...
Simply put, this step involves learning about your customers. How you are going to effectively market to someone that you know nothing about? You need to know their likes, dislikes, hobbies, jobs, family life, etc if you are going to market to them effectively. In fact, some businesses do invent personalities that act as the target customer and develop a plan of marketing to them.
Step Number 4: Market and Product focus...
This step involves segmenting your market and making your company different from your competitors. This is often times referred to as the "Unique Selling Point" or "USP".
Step Number 5: Product positioning...
Simply put, when a person hears a company name, certain thoughts come to mind. When somebody says your company name, what thoughts should come to mind? This is something you need to think about. You need to know how to position your business in your customer's mind. If you haven't learned about them yet, acquaint yourself with the 4 Ps of marketing: product, position, promotion, and price.
Step Number 6: Pricing Strategy...
This is also one of the 4 Ps of marketing. You need to know how to effectively price your goods or services. A good way is to take a look at what the competition is charging. If you are new to the business, you will need to undercut their prices.
Step number 7: Product Distribution...
This is the second P in the 4 P's of marketing, also known as position. This is the physical location where your product or service is offered. And yes, if you have an internet business then you position is the internet.
Step Number 8: Internet Promotion
This is how you are going to advertise your business on the internet. There are plenty of different methods at your disposal including newsletters, search engines, article marketing and pay per click advertising. Experiment with each of them and try to find what best suits your business.
Hopefully, you can make use of this information to create your own internet marketing plan.